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Automate Your EMIR Reporting

European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) dictates that all derivatives trades, be that OTC or exchange, must be reported to the trade repository on a T+1 basis. However, achieving compliance can be a challenge as reporting rules are complex, solutions are expensive and manual reporting is extremely time-consuming.

Our fully automated platform takes the complexity out of your EMIR reporting. We seamlessly collect and validate all of your financial data before automatically creating your EMIR reports. These can then be reviewed before being manually submitted by a member of your team, or automatically sent to your trade repository.

All reports are validated against the reporting criteria, quickly throwing back any rejections so corrections can be made. This ensures complete, consistent and high-quality reporting across all derivatives trading activity. And because our platform is cloud-based, operating and maintenance costs are kept low, freeing up time and resources for you and your team.

Get More Value From Your Data

Our EMIR reporting solution gathers all of your financial data from across your entire portfolio and complements it with a range of market and reference data within the SteelEye platform. With everything in one place, you can better monitor, analyse and identify trends in your data.

Plus, our platform gives you access to a wide range of analytics, including market abuse detection, portfolio analysis, and Net-Asset-Value calculations.

This lets you perform detailed analysis on an eclectic mix of data that otherwise wouldn’t interact – helping to uncover business insights you can use to optimise your operations.

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  • Automate the reporting process, freeing up time and resources
  • Demonstrate ongoing compliance with EMIR for all derivative contracts, be that OTC or exchange
  • Achieve cost savings with our straight-forward pricing model
  • Boost your financial data analysis


Fully Automated Reporting for Better Performance

We handle your daily reporting in a pinch. All transactions are collected and transformed, validated, and automatically used to create your daily EMIR reports.

Better Data Insights and Deeper Analysis

Get instant value from your financial reporting data. Our platform captures everything and provides you with detailed analytics, so you get actionable insights that give you a competitive edge.

More Control Over Your Compliance

Our solution gives you full control over the reporting process. Get visibility of all financial data, reduce your risk with complete validation, and comply with any regulatory mandate with ease.

“We wanted a robust solution with an implementation team that could deliver a solution tailored to our specific needs. With SteelEye we were not just buying software, we were buying the ability to deploy and support a tailored end-to-end solution”


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Take the complexity out of EMIR reporting

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