Data analytics

Transaction reporting and record-keeping is just the first step.

SteelEye enables you to build on this foundational data, leveraging it to discover new insights about your business.

So you can use your data to your advantage - not just your regulator’s.

Needs vs wants

Meeting the new demands of regulators is a must.

But so is growing your business. The data you gather for MiFID II compliance is enormously valuable - if you can harness it.

SteelEye’s holistic solution makes the storage and retrieval of business information simple, while empowering you to make more meaningful use of the same data.

Whatever your core business, SteelEye helps make your activities more efficient.

Visualise and analyse

The SteelEye platform analyses and visualises information in powerful ways.

All that is required is the consolidation of data and the desire to leverage it. SteelEye’s fully open API framework enables you can build your own applications specifically tailored to your data.

MiFID II is driving you to consolidate your business data; how far the data journey takes you is up to you.

What’s next?

Once you begin unlocking the insights in your data, you can explore and expand your business’s capabilities.

SteelEye lets you take charge of your data.

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