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Why SteelEye?

Data Conformity

SteelEye brings together your Orders, Trades and Communications. This allows you not just to meet regulatory obligations but to improve your competitive edge.

We offer Record Keeping, Transaction Reporting, Trade Reconstruction, Best Execution and Data Insight in one simple solution.

Index & Search

Our platform is built on the latest and greatest technologies. Search billions of records in a fraction of second all through our dynamic web-interface.

A fully open API

Closed environments make it difficult to directly access or extract your own data.

We believe in an open world where clients can work with and build their own internal applications, using their own data on the SteelEye platform.


Unlike other offerings, SteelEye allows you to choose the geographic location where your data is stored. This can be in one of several European centres or in North America, you choose – it’s your data.

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