Simplify your trade and communications oversight and regulatory reporting through a unique, fully integrated platform.

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A guide to reducing the complexity and cost of compliance

Reduce the Complexity and Cost of Compliance

Find out how to simplify your trade and communications supervision, and regulatory reporting in this SteelEye guide.

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Data-Driven Compliance Solutions

SteelEye Data Platform

Effortless consolidation and record keeping of your orders, trades and communications, with advanced data analytics, eDiscovery, and trade reconstruction functionality.

Regulatory reporting

Automated and optimized EMIR and MiFID II transaction reporting with 99.75% accuracy - saving you cost and freeing up resource while improving your data integrity.

Trade Oversight

Enhanced trade data management and surveillance tools that analyze your trading activity and enable you to identify and mitigate financial crime, market abuse and other risks. 

Communications Oversight

Complete communications compliance platform for record keeping, analytics, monitoring and surveillance, ensuring unwanted behaviours get identified and stopped quickly. 

Best Execution and TCA

SteelEye’s asset-class agnostic solution simplifies Best Execution and Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) – enabling you to effortlessly demonstrate that Best Execution was achieved. 


Next generation reporting solution that transforms how you visualize, analyze and use data - enabling you to harness the full power of your information beyond regulatory compliance.

Compliance keeps moving

With SteelEye, you stay ahead.

What our clients say

CEOs and Operating Officers use SteelEye to:

  • Save costs
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Gain new insights into their performance


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“The SteelEye implementation has helped us to improve the level of control and accuracy we have around our MIFID II transaction reporting. We selected SteelEye because of the quality of their technology, the regulatory expertize demonstrated by their team and their willingness to support our tight implementation timelines.”

Keith Frimpong, Global Head of Operations Change


"Rather than approaching compliance obligations from the perspective of the individual regulations, SteelEye focuses on data and technology first. As we were evaluating our options, this gave us comfort that they would meet all of our needs."

Matthew Wright, CEO

Capital Index

“SteelEye enables us to automate as much of our compliance set up as possible, reducing the complexity of what can otherwise be an arduous and painful process. Very few other vendors offer the same breadth of regulatory compliance solutions.”

Aidan Brady, Chief Operating Officer

Ardent Financial

“We were looking for a solution that would allow us to meet our regulatory requirements and consolidate our ever-growing number of supported platforms, communication channels and trade and order systems. SteelEye provided that solution.”

Patrick Fietje, CEO

Tavira Securities

“We were impressed not only by the SteelEye user-interface and features, but by the fact that everyone we met were genuinely trying to solve our problems, not just sell us a solution.”

Alex Hughes, Operations Officer


Compliance Officers use SteelEye to:

  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Reduce risk
  • Get ahead of future regulatory change
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"SteelEye provide us with an excellent solution for our MiFID reporting requirements.”

Compliance Officer


“We have seen major benefit from the SteelEye solution. Not only in terms of meeting regulatory requirements for record-keeping and reporting, but also in terms of being able to derive important insight from interrogating the data to help us run our business more efficiently.”

Ian Webb, Chief Compliance Officer


“We were looking for an independent vendor that would enable us to proactively manage our regulatory obligations. We also wanted a solution that would allow us to respond to regulatory change quicker. SteelEye was the perfect fit.”

Emmanuel Drujon, Chief Operating Officer and Risk Manager


“With SteelEye, we can meet multiple regulatory requirements within one platform, utilising the same data set, and get enhanced insight into our operations.”

Peter Johnson, Director (Legal & Compliance)


Your trusted advisor

At SteelEye, we don't believe in just selling solutions. In this increasingly complex and comprehensive financial regulatory landscape, there are endless interpretations, approaches and options. Working out your path can be challenging.

As a SteelEye client, you can call on our experts to help guide and advise you on your regulatory journey. We work closely with you to share our experiences and complement your in-house teams with our regulatory and technical expertise. We also offer ongoing training opportunities to ensure that you fully understand and successfully manage your regulatory obligations.


Reduce Costs

Legacy systems are expensive. By automating workflows and accelerating reporting, SteelEye saves you money, time and resources.

Gain Insight

With SteelEye, you are future-proofing yourself for a world where data intelligence has become a key source of competitive edge.

Comply Smarter™

When all data is in one place, you can easily manage multiple regulatory regimes and gain a wealth of new insight into your business.

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Don’t Just Comply. Compete.

Gain the new insights to improve your competitive edge with a single lens for all your financial data.

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