SteelEye & txtsmarter To Offer End-to-End Comms Capture & Surveillance

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Providing clients with a full view of all communications, including Apple iMessage, Android SMS/MMS, and WhatsApp, in SteelEye’s advanced surveillance platform.

London & San Mateo, Calif., December 8, 2020 - SteelEye, the compliance technology and data analytics firm, and txtsmarter, the Enterprise Information Archiving compliance platform, today announced a strategic partnership to combine txtsmarter’s Intelligent Compliance™ messaging capture and archiving service with SteelEye’s advanced communications surveillance solution. As a result, clients can access native messaging data within the SteelEye platform to assure full regulatory compliance.

“Whilst the use of mobile phones on a trading floor is often restricted, people working from home now regard mobiles as a fundamental communications tool, with employees increasingly using messaging apps to communicate,” said Helen Bevis, Head of Strategic Partnerships at SteelEye. By partnering with txtsmarter, we can provide native access to their clients’ data in the SteelEye platform, offering the e-communications surveillance they need to be compliant.”

The txtsmarter platform captures data from a wide range of sources such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Android SMS/MMS, emails, databases, text documents, trade data, spreadsheets and even audio. Its users are able to use their native SMS/MMS services without having to change their behaviour and once the service is active, it runs in the background.

“Via our partnership with SteelEye, we offer our clients a 360-degree archiving and surveillance service, supplying real-time access to previously inaccessible data," said Nuri Otus, Founder and CEO of txtsmarter. "Only txtsmarter can capture native iMessage and Android SMS/MMS messages providing a full view of all communications – which is necessary for full compliance and to avoid huge sanctions.  We all know the real conversations happen via text.” 

Designed to help firms Comply Smarter™ by managing their compliance holistically, SteelEye offers solutions for record keeping, trade reconstruction, MiFID II and EMIR transaction reporting, trade and communications surveillance, best execution, transaction cost analysis, analytics and more.


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About SteelEye:

SteelEye is a RegTech and data analytics firm that was established to reduce the complexity and cost of financial compliance and enable firms globally to manage their regulatory obligations through a single platform.

SteelEye’s ability to bring together, cleanse, index and analyse structured and unstructured data across all asset classes and communication types enables clients to effortlessly meet their regulatory needs, because when all this data is in one place, compliance becomes both easy and cost-effective. And with everything under one lens, firms also gain fresh insight into their business, helping them improve their efficiency and profitability.

To date, SteelEye has launched solutions for record keeping, trade reconstruction, transaction reporting, trade and communications surveillance, best execution reporting, transaction cost analysis and advanced analytics for regulations including MiFID II, EMIR, Dodd-Frank, SMCR and MAR. For more information, visit:


About txtsmarter:
txtsmarter, based in San Mateo, California, is a comprehensive Enterprise Information Archiving Compliance service, which collects, encrypts & archives messages from text and social media applications, including Apple iMessage, Android SMS/MMS, WhatsApp in real-time mitigating compliance and communication data leaks for businesses. For more information go to

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