Regulatory requirements are not just onerous, they are subject to change. SteelEye simplifies, consolidates & automates. Compliance professionals free up time to keep themselves and their firm up-to-date, leaving the legwork to SteelEye.


Compliance regulations are a drag on your firm’s performance, sucking up time, money and bandwidth. SteelEye exists to save your from wasted resources and unnecessary pain.

With SteelEye you save money on headcount and tech build costs, since we’ve built the solution for you. You save time, because SteelEye consolidates all your data in one place and automates many time-consuming, manual tasks.

SteelEye saves you from compliance headaches by reducing scope for human error, increasing lines of oversight and securing all your data in tamper-proof form.

Best Execution

Best Execution compliance, simplified

Regulators can now make you prove you were acting in your client’s best interests on any trade. Finding and extracting the relevant data from multiple sources can be time-consuming. With SteelEye, you can quickly consolidate all order, trade and communications data and overlay with independent market data.  Compiling your RTS27 & RTS28 reports becomes effortless.

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Trade & Order Analytics

Compare your transaction costs for different asset classes in one place

Our Trade and Order Analytics module puts all your data under a single lens. Big Data is changing the game. Time to decision and speed of execution are more important than ever, but all decision-making must now  be optimized for a world powered by Big Data. By consolidating all your data in one place, your firm can act with data-driven edge, fast.

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Record Keeping

Store securely, access instantly

Our Record Keeping module gives you 100% peace of mind that your data is secure. Regulators have specified that records of all services, activities and transactions must be kept for up to seven years. SteelEyeusers sleep sound knowing their data is secured in the prescribed Write Once, Read Many tamper-proof format, and knowing they can search through seven years of records in seconds.

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Trade Reconstruction

Microscope vision for any trade you need to reconstruct

How would you like to be given 72 hours to reconstruct the details surrounding any trade from any point in the last seven years? SteelEye consolidates all of your communications, order and trade data into one place, and presents them in the format required by the regulators. So you can quickly prove how, when and why any order or trade took place. Time saved, cost saved, risk managed.

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Transaction Reporting

Lighten your transaction reporting load

Our Transaction Reporting module saves you time, budget and resource. Regulations including MiFID II, MiFIR and EMIR now require firms to send trade data to a selected ARM, NCA or Trade Repository. Result: more headcount hours spent fulfilling your obligations. SteelEye automates the data collection and submission process. Result: less cost, less time spent on legwork for your team.

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Identify potential issues before they become problems

Our Surveillance module gives managers a new level of data-driven oversight. Better than problems resolved quickly is issues identified early. SteelEye’s Surveillance module gives you a unified view on all Communications, Trades and Orders. You can create smart alerts and watch lists to get the early warnings you need, without the landslide of false positives you don’t have time for.

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