Best Execution compliance, simplified painlessly.

MiFID II has dramatically increased Best Execution requirements for investment firms. The expectation is that these new requirements will become the benchmark for future regulations, like UCITS or AIFMD. Right now, regulators or your clients can make you prove you were acting in their best interests on any trade. Specifically firms must show they put their clients’ interests first in terms of price, speed, likelihood of execution and trading venue. Finding and extracting the relevant data from multiple sources to prove Best Execution can be onerous and time-consuming.

With SteelEye, you can quickly consolidate all order, trade and communications data and overlay with independent market data.  Compiling your RTS27 & RTS28 reports becomes effortless.

You can tag, associate and comment on Comms that will demonstrate your periodic due diligence to regulators. The onerous calculations and complex pricing metric required by the regulations come natively within SteelEye’s Best Execution module. Plus, SteelEye keeps on checking execution quality automatically in the background, ensuring your orders keep on meeting your regulatory obligations.


SteelEye Best Execution