Recent regulations like MiFID II and SM&CR are changing how people working in financial services are regulated, putting a new level of responsibility on the heads of senior managers.

As a result, senior managers are moving fast to ensure that their surveillance procedures are best-in-class, and that they are able to identify any issues before they become problematic. Effective surveillance requires the best tools.

For most senior managers, the will to up their game in surveillance is there. But without the best tools, effective surveillance is not possible. With a SteelEye communication surveillance package, your data becomes an early warning system ensuring unwanted behaviours get identified and stopped quickly, and because SteelEye is a cloud based solution, cost at all times is kept at a minimum.

SteelEye’s Communication Surveillance Module : Core features and benefits.

  • SteelEye lexicon’s come as standard, amassed from dozens of Market Abuse cases and court filings.
  • Dynamic query creation to detect false positive before scheduling your surveillance watch
  • Provision your own lexicon, and smart rules to account for proximity, fuzziness and wildcard searches.
  • Configure distribution and throttling so as to avoid alert fatigue.
  • Vision of who, where, and what is appearing across your complete result set.
  • Review your alerts in real time.
  • Backtest your watches with lightning speed.
  • Comprehensive resolution workflow
  • Add items to an investigation, add relevant orders / trades to your case, and choose a resolution category
  • Assign items to an individual for comment and resolution
  • Overlay market activity, and price movements to assess correlation of your alerts
  • Get comprehensive cross platform insight by using SteelEye Communication and Trade surveillance together.

SteelEye Communication Surveillance


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