SteelEye’s Surveillance module brings together market, reference and trade data, communications, and watch and restricted lists. Effective surveillance is not possible when your data is scattered. Effective surveillance is easy when everything’s in one place.

SteelEye uses the latest AI & machine learning technologies to help customers monitor trading and communication behaviours and detect possible issues. SteeleEye Surveillance users can monitor watch lists, with the aid of our rapid search functionality and proprietary algorithms.

The Surveillance module enables users to add personal account details and approvals for personal trades. SteelEye Surveillance generates automatic alerts for any trading on restricted instruments, or with restricted parties. Trading or communication behaviours which regulators could construe as market abuse also generate automatic alerts.

Users can configure alerts through the Surveillance dashboard, so that they get the foresight they need without the landslide of false positives they don’t have time for. Net net: a step change in surveillance effectiveness, and a compliance team sleeping better.