Forearmed is forewarned

Under MiFID II, firms will be required to send their trade data at T+1 intervals to a selected Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM).

The challenge they face is getting that data to the ARM in the prescribed format. And that trade data requires reconciliation – but firms are not allowed to pass responsibility for that reconciliation on to a third party.

This places a massive data burden on firms, who may be ill-equipped to meet the new regulatory demands.

Do nothing

With SteelEye, you don’t have to do anything – we do it all for you.

No matter how complex your source system, we’ll gather and consolidate your data, integrating your trade and communications records into our tamper-proof SteelEye Locker™.

Your data will be secure, accessible and optimised for the demands of MiFID II. And with the help of our analytics tools, leveraging it will be easier than ever.

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