SteelEye Health Check Survey and Benchmarking Report

Compliance Health Check Survey

Take part to uncover how the finance industry is faring today and benchmark your compliance operations against your peers.

This survey is now closed and the report will be released in Q1 2022

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Powering an aggregated and anonymous industry benchmarking report

From the COVID-19 pandemic, regulatory changes and Brexit, financial firms have transformed their operations to adjust to these seismic market shifts.

This anonymous survey aims to highlight where firms and their compliance teams can make improvements to their operations while uncovering the industry-wide challenges impacting firms today.

Targeted at compliance, operations and risk professionals, the compliance health check survey will power a comprehensive benchmarking report. This will enable firms to compare their compliance operations to the wider industry and other firms in their sector.


By getting involved and taking the short survey, you will receive the full report and our exclusive insights 14 days prior to it going to market. We will also send you a breakdown of your score compared to your peers so you can leverage these insights when required.

Your participation can help shift the dial

There's power in numbers: if you’re a compliance and risk professional, your input will allow us to accurately benchmark the industry and the opportunities and challenges currently impacting its participants. The short survey will only take 5-8 minutes and is fully anonymous. All responses will be aggregated.


The survey will provide compliance leaders with answers they do not have today. This includes:


Whether the challenges you are experiencing are the same among other wealth managers, asset managers, banks, or brokers. What would it mean if you are experiencing different challenges to your peers?

Risks and Regulatory Pressures

If other firms in your sector or wider industry are facing the same risks and regulatory pressures. How can these insights help you to prioritise what to focus on?


If your compliance priorities for the next 12 months are in line with other firms' priorities. What potential could these insights unlock for your team?


Whether the costs of compliance is actually increasing. How much you are spending on compliance resourcing and regulatory technology compared to your peers?


The adoption of technology has skyrocketed since the pandemic. But what technology solutions are other firms in the industry using and what communications channels do they ingest?