SteelEye Data Platform

Advanced Record Keeping solution with eDiscovery, Trade Reconstruction and Analytics

Your regulatory obligations simplified.

Regulatory requirements have not just become onerous but are growing, each piece of legislation large and complex. This has increased the pressure on the compliance function - driving up costs and the demand for skilled staff.

SteelEye enables you to effortlessly bring together your structured and unstructured data from disparate systems, store that data in an immutable and tamperproof Write Once, Read Many format in line with global obligations, and leverage it for simplified and cost-effective compliance with Dodd-Frank, EMIR, FINRA, MAR, MiFID II, SEC rules and more.

The SteelEye Data Platform consolidates, securely archives and indexes your trade, order, communication, market and reference data on a single platform.

With all data in one place, the Data Platform offers compliant record keeping and eDiscovery, and automated trade reconstruction

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The SteelEye Data Platform includes:

Record Keeping

Global regulations require you store data related to transactions and activities in a secure and search ready archive. SteelEye brings together your structured and unstructured data from a wealth of sources and archives it in an immutable and tamperproof format, so you can easily meet regulatory demand under MiFID IIDodd-Frank and other regulations.


Trade Reconstruction

The regulator can ask you at any point to recreate the conditions surrounding a trade or order, and you may only be given 72 hours to comply. With SteelEye, all your data is instantly indexed, searchable and retrievable, so it only takes seconds to zoom in from the portfolio view to the single order view. All trade data is overlaid with related communications data as well as independent pricing, making it easy for you prove to the regulator exactly how, when and why a trade or order took place.

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SteelEye Trade Reconstruction


Screenshot of SteelEyes trade and order analytics


Trade & Order Analytics

By bringing together all your data under a single lens, you gain a new level of insight into your business. With SteelEye, you can drill down from a portfolio level down to the asset class, financial instrument or even individual trade to ask better questions and make better decisions. SteelEye's user-friendly and intelligent analytics tools provide you with actionable answers to some of the most challenging questions, giving you a true understanding of your business - top to bottom.

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With our advanced eDiscovery and machine learning technology, you can effortlessly identify, retrieve and reproduce any data set, automatically detect and analyze anomalies across both structured and unstructured data, and create and easily export cases for further investigation. This enables you to take control of your financial data, meet regulatory demands, and avoid costly sanctions. 

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SteelEye eDiscovery

SteelEye Voice Transcription (1)


Voice Transcription

SteelEye provides integrated transcription of call recordings as well as translations into 54 languages. This can be used for advanced call analytics and enhanced lexicon searches for effortless investigation of calls without having to listen to each recording. Within Communications Surveillance, you can also configure automated rules to search for words and phrases used in phone conversations.


“We have seen major benefit from the SteelEye solution. Not only in terms of meeting regulatory requirements for record-keeping and reporting, but also in terms of being able to derive important insight from interrogating the data to help us run our business more efficiently.”

Ian Webb, Chief Compliance Officer, Avatrade

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