The future of regulatory reporting

8 July | 14.00 (BST)

Tune into this online panel discussion and listen to experts from Kaizen Reporting, Alpha FMC and SteelEye talk about past and future changes that are shaping the regulatory reporting market.

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In the last 12 months, the regulatory reporting landscape has become increasingly complex. A number of vendors have closed their reporting businesses and we have also seen reporting changes on the back of Brexit.

Looking ahead, ESMA recently announced a proposed set of amendments to MIFIR transaction and reference data reporting regimes and there are a range of other upcoming changes, including the EMIR Refit and further anticipated divergence between the UK and EU.

At the same time, financial firms are facing increased scrutiny from regulators when it comes to reporting data quality. Prior to Covid-19, regulators were signalling that their patience had worn thin around reporting errors. Although they paused handing out fines during 2020, firms can expect focus to return to this issue in 2021 and beyond. Yet many firms still struggle with ensuring their data is complete and accurate, impacting their ability to report in a timely manner.

At a fundamental level, meeting reporting requirements and managing regulatory change is about getting the data right. In this webinar, Dario Crispini from Kaizen Reporting, Bernardo Castel-Branco from Alpha FMC, and Matt Smith from SteelEye will discuss how past and future changes are shaping the reporting market and what firms should be doing to improve their reporting in the long term.


The webinar will discuss the past and upcoming changes to the regulatory reporting landscape and how these changes affect the financial industry, with the aim of educating marketing participants about what they can do to improve their data management and reporting accuracy.

Why watch the webinar

Drawing upon the expertise of our panel, this webinar will give you a better understanding of the future of the regulatory reporting landscape, which can help you take the next steps in improving your processes and futureproofing your operations.

Kaizen Reporting
Alpha FMC
Kaizen Reporting
Alpha FMC
Kaizen Reporting
Alpha FMC
Kaizen Reporting
Alpha FMC


Bernardo Castel - Branco

Bernardo Castel-Branco

Associate Director of Alpha FMC

Bernardo is an Associate Director at Alpha FMC with over 14 years of regulatory consulting experience for the Asset and Wealth Management Industry. He leads Alpha’s Regulatory Reporting proposition and has supported some of the largest regulatory reporting implementation and remediation projects for the buy side.

Alpha FMC is the leading consulting firm for the Asset and Wealth Management Industry. It has 435+ specialist consultants deployed from twelve offices and provides clients with complementary propositions covering consulting, technology services and contracting. 


Matt Smith imageMatt Smith

CEO of SteelEye

Matt is the CEO of SteelEye and has over 20 years of technology and management expertise throughout North America, Europe and Asia. As a senior RegTech product manager at Bloomberg, Matt was instrumental in evolving the product strategies for a range of compliance solutions, and trading and analytics platforms. Prior to this, he was the Chief Information Officer at Noble Group, where he oversaw regulatory technology and the deployment of big data, trading and analytics platforms.

Dario Kaizen ReportingDario Crispini

CEO of Kaizen Reporting

Dario is one of the foremost experts on regulatory reporting in the financial services industry.

He founded Kaizen Reporting in 2013 following nearly 20 years specialising in regulatory reporting including as a regulator, a consultant, and directly within the industry. After training as an auditor and working in compliance at Deloitte, Dario spent ten years at the Financial Services Authority where he led the Transaction Monitoring Unit (TMU). He managed the transition to MiFID reporting in 2007 and remodeled the TMU’s approach to its industry interaction. In 2010, Dario became Director of Legal and Compliance in the UK’s first retail exchange, LMAX, before joining the compliance team at Barclays where he had advisory responsibility for transaction and EMIR reporting.


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14.00-15.00 (BST)


8 July 2021

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  • How has the regulatory reporting landscape changed over the past 12 months?

    • What was the impact of CME/Deutche Boerse leaving the market?

    • How has Brexit impacted reporting?

  • Why is having a data strategy important in order to ensure data quality?

  • What is happening with the EMIR Refit and why is change needed in this space to reduce systemic risk?

  • What will the regulatory reporting landscape look like in the long term?


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