Trade Oversight

The Complete Trade Oversight Platform for Trading Analytics, Surveillance, Best Execution, and Transaction Cost Analysis

Trade Surveillance

Firms need to proactively carry out trading analytics and forensic testing to identify suspicious activity and market abuse. SteelEye's asset class agnostic Trade Surveillance solution offers comprehensive coverage for a wide range of market abuse activities and behaviors, enabling you to strengthen your supervisory oversight, improve your risk detection, and continuously demonstrate compliance.

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SteelEye Trade Surveillance Software

Want to know which market abuse behaviors and activities your firms should monitor for? Take our Surveillance Applicability Calculator to find out.

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SteelEye Holistic Surveillance

Holistic Surveillance

Monitoring your transactions and communications can be challenging – especially if the data is spread across different systems. SteelEye brings all of your trade and communications data together on a single platform so you can monitor and manage it all in one place. Our smart reporting tools and advanced algorithms examine your data holistically, ensuring risks are flagged and quickly dealt with.

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Best Execution and Transaction Cost Analysis

Bringing together, benchmarking, and reporting on execution data has become increasingly time-consuming and complex. SteelEye’s comprehensive and asset-class agnostic solution simplifies Best Execution and Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) – enabling you to effortlessly demonstrate that Best Execution was achieved.

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SteelEye Best-Execution and TCA

SteelEye - Trade Oversight Order Book Replay

Order Book Replay

Today, most firms have a limited retrospective view of their order and trade activity - restricting their ability to identify risks and opportunities. SteelEye's Market Replay Solution provides a comprehensive visual representation of the order book for enhanced operational oversight, market abuse detection, and decision-making.

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Benefits of SteelEye's Trade Oversight

Effortless risk detection

Our trade oversight and surveillance tools analyze your trading activity and enable you to quickly identify and mitigate market abuse and other risks. We also enable you to easily prove Best Execution and use your data to improve your decision-making and trading performance.

Enhanced compliance control

By integrating and connecting large volumes of data on a single platform, meeting regulatory obligations becomes effortless. You also gain full visibility and control of your trading and compliance operations, with cutting-edge analytics that provide timely insights on risks and opportunities.

Data-Driven Insight

With SteelEye, compliance and ops teams no longer need to spend hours performing manual searches across disparate systems to gather basic facts. SteelEye provides advanced analytics that serve you relevant information from your data – telling you what you need to know before you have asked the question.


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US Markets Choice Awards 2023 - Best in Regtech
Award Winning Solution

SteelEye was named the Best in RegTech in the 2023 US Markets Choice Awards.

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