SteelEye’s Compliance CoPilot

Designed for today's compliance challenges. It's not just another tool - it's the CoPilot you've been waiting for.

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Financial firms are grappling with a plethora of challenges in fulfilling their market surveillance obligations.

Growing data volumes, disparate platforms and systems, and manual workloads are hindering firms' ability to promptly identify risks while increasing regulatory pressure necessitates immediate action. 

Introducing SteelEye's Compliance CoPilot – your AI-driven assistant, designed to tackle today's challenges head-on.

It is not just another tool—it is a trusted sidekick designed to simplify compliance officers' jobs by unlocking efficiency and precision. 



Boosting productivity while keeping human decision-making central

The Compliance CoPilot seamlessly integrates into your processes and provides intelligent alert scoring, triaging, and automation. This enables compliance teams to reduce manual workloads, boost productivity, and pinpoint risks more precisely while ensuring human decision-making remains at the core.


Dive into the world of intelligent alert triaging, risk scoring, and detection

Using the capabilities of Large Language Models, SteelEye’s Compliance CoPilot optimizes and streamlines communications surveillance, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements while offering unmatched efficiencies and adaptability. 

Compliance CoPilot SteelEye

Prioritizing Alerts

SteelEye’s CoPilot prioritizes surveillance alerts based on key risk factors, allowing compliance officers to focus on high-priority alerts that require immediate investigation.


Summarizing Alert Content

The CoPilot analyzes the content of alerts and provides concise and informative summaries, enabling compliance officers to quickly drill down to the information that matters.



SteelEye’s CoPilot offers valuable investigation support, providing additional context, historical data, and patterns, so compliance officers can conduct more thorough and efficient investigations.


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Download our Compliance CoPilot Overview

Download the Compliance CoPilot Overview for full insights

SteelEye Compliance CoPilot


Benefits of SteelEye's Compliance CoPilot

Efficient Triaging

Sort, prioritize, and triage alerts objectively based on pre-determined importance scores. Additionally, receive notifications to effectively identify potential risks in real time.

Risk Scoring & Detection Capability

Beyond the main risk parameters, identify secondary risks such as personal distress signals.

Efficiency & Scalability

Process vast volumes of data with a standardized, automated approach. A dependable 24/7 "CoPilot" functionality that is immune to burnout or fatigue.

Cost Savings

With the Compliance CoPilot’s capabilities, firms can free up their team's time to focus on other critical areas of compliance.

User Centric Design

Agree with system recommendations or edit them. Continuous system improvement via feedback ensures it becomes more accurate over time.

Automatic Suggestions & Swift Resolutions

System-generated risk suggestions and resolution commentary. Spot other potential risks outside the primary alert criteria.

SteelEye Compliance CoPilot
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