SteelEye’s Compliance CoPilot

Designed for today's compliance challenges. It's not just another tool - it's the CoPilot you've been waiting for.


Introducing the Compliance CoPilot

Financial firms are facing a multitude of challenges in a heavily regulated world, particularly when it comes to complying with complex requirements.

Have you ever considered the possibility of a transformative solution? SteelEye introduces the Compliance CoPilot, built to be a dependable sidekick for compliance officers. 

This is not just another tool -  it is the CoPilot that has been specially designed for today's compliance challenges. Empower your team with SteelEye's Compliance CoPilot, the intelligent assistant that seamlessly integrates into your processes, enhancing the alert review process while ensuring human oversight remains central.


The CoPilot you've been waiting for

Large Language Models in the era of AI-driven innovation

Large Language Models (LLMs) represent a remarkable subset of artificial intelligence. LLMs are trained on vast amounts of text data, resulting in them having the ability to understand and generate human-like text. 

LLMs have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with information, making them a pivotal technology in the era of AI-driven innovation. 

Using the capabilities of advanced LLMs, Steeleye’s Compliance CoPilot aids in optimizing and streamlining communications surveillance, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements while offering unmatched efficiencies and adaptability.  

Benefits of SteelEye's Compliance CoPilot

Efficient Triaging

Sort, prioritize, and triage alerts objectively based on pre-determined importance scores. Additionally, receive notifications to effectively identify potential risks in real time.

Risk Scoring & Detection Capability

Beyond the main risk parameters, identify secondary risks such as personal distress signals.

Efficiency & Scalability

Process vast volumes of data with a standardized, automated approach. A dependable 24/7 "CoPilot" functionality that is immune to burnout or fatigue.

Cost Savings

With the Compliance CoPilot’s capabilities, firms can free up their team's time to focus on other critical areas of compliance.

User Centric Design

Agree with system recommendations or edit them. Continuous system improvement via feedback ensures it becomes more accurate over time.

Automatic Suggestions & Swift Resolutions

System-generated risk suggestions and resolution commentary. Spot other potential risks outside the primary alert criteria.


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SteelEye’s Compliance CoPilot is a future-proofed solution that enables automation of the surveillance process, reviewing a vast amount of communications data more efficiently than humans can. 

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US Markets Choice Awards 2023 - Best in Regtech
Award Winning Solution

SteelEye was named the Best in Regtech in the 2023 US Markets Choice Awards.

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