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Identify early warning signs of misconduct and spot market manipulation and collusion with SteelEye's Communications Surveillance

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Trading happens across a range of geographies, platforms, and systems, covering different asset classes and instruments. The communications that underpin these transactions also cover an array of channels, from traditional emails and voice calls to newer platforms like Bloomberg chat, Zoom, and in some cases, WhatsApp.

Monitoring the wide variety and high volume of communications across these ever-expanding collaboration channels is complex and costly. 

Communications Surveillance - SteelEye

Solution: Intelligent, Holistic
Communications Surveillance

SteelEye's Communications Surveillance platform archives, monitors, and analyzes all of your communications data from a range of channels and provides advanced algorithms that identify misconduct, collusion, and market manipulation. This enables you to strengthen your risk detection, improve your oversight, and continuously demonstrate compliance. 

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Communications Surveillance - SteelEye

+85 voice, social, video, & collaboration tool integrations

SteelEye’s modern data architecture makes it easy to combine data from any channel into a single, secure 17a-4 compliant repository. Powerful analytics in SteelEye's Communications Surveillance platform deliver intelligence and insight, making proactive oversight an efficient and effective reality. 

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Key Features

Dynamic, intuitive dashboard that transforms communications data into rich information that fosters action.

Key Features

Integrated transcription of call recordings with the ability to translate into 54 languages.

Key Features

Advanced surveillance lexicon that monitors more than six times as many search terms as a standard lexicon.

Key Features

Powerful language-based search engine that facilitates granular reporting.

Key Features

Configurable, automated pattern matching, behavioral signals, and other alerts that spotlight early warning signs of abuse.

Key Features

Machine learning and real-time backtesting technology that reduces false positives.

How SteelEye's Communications Surveillance works:

Seamless data ingestion

We collect, archive, validate, and index all your structured and unstructured data from any channel into a single compliance platform.

Intelligent Comms Alerting

Dynamic queries, logic-based alerts, and lexicon searches make it easy to spot early signs of market abuse or manipulation.

Real-time vision

Intelligent search and retrieve functionality ensures you can instantly find any data set, investigate red flags, and export cases for further investigation or reporting.

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Combine Your Communications & Trades
for Integrated Surveillance

SteelEye’s purpose-built data platform is the only solution that can natively combine trading, communications, reference and market data for integrated surveillance. The platform combines over 50 trade data handlers and 85 communication channels for efficient and effective supervision.

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