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Trading happens across a range of geographies, platforms, and systems, covering different asset classes and instruments. The communications that underpin these transactions also cover an array of channels, from traditional emails and voice calls to newer platforms like Bloomberg chat, Zoom, and in some cases, WhatsApp. This is a vast amount of information that firms are required to capture, archive, and make sense of. The larger trading teams become, the more sophisticated technology is required to sift through data to identify real threats from false positives. 


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SteelEye's Communications Surveillance provides compliance and surveillance teams with advanced surveillance algorithms that identify early warning signs of misconduct while reducing false positives so that bad actors and rogue traders can be stopped before any market manipulation or misconduct has taken place.

How SteelEye's Communications Surveillance works:

Seamless data ingestion

We collect, archive, validate, and index all your structured and unstructured data, including email, voice calls, SMS, and instant messages from Bloomberg Chat, Slack, Office 365, Verint, WhatsApp, Masergy, and more.

Intelligent Alerting

With SteelEye's dynamic query creation, it is easy to set up lexicon, behavior, or logic-based alerts. Real-time back-testing, machine learning, and granular parameter settings allow you to reduce false positives and fine-tune your surveillance procedures.

Real-time vision

With SteelEye, you can instantly identify and retrieve any data set, automatically detect and analyze anomalies, and create and export cases for further investigation. The platform gives you real-time vision of who is doing what, where, and with whom.

Turning your data into an early warning signal for unwanted behaviors

SteelEye's Communications Surveillance platform captures, archives, monitors, and analyzes all of your communications data from a range of channels and enables you to strengthen your risk detection, improve your oversight, and continuously demonstrate compliance. Combined with Trade Surveillance, you gain comprehensive cross-platform insight.


Key Features:

Voice Transcription

SteelEye provides integrated transcription of call recordings as well as translations into 54 languages. This can be used for advanced call analytics and enhanced lexicon searches for effortless investigation of calls without having to listen to each recording. You can also configure automated rules to search for words and phrases commonly used in phone conversations.

Advanced Surveillance Lexicon

SteelEye's Lexicon monitors more than six times as many search terms as a standard lexicon, helping firms better identify signs of financial crime and market abuse. It accounts for an unparalleled degree of linguistic variety and uses AI to determine the context of how and where a piece of communication took place - enhancing firms' ability to identify risks while reducing false positives. 

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