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    Meet your Bloomberg IB record keeping and surveillance obligations with SteelEye

    Bloomberg IB is Bloomberg’s chat platform that enables firms to collaborate and communicate within the terminal. To meet regulatory requirements, financial firms need the ability to archive and monitor regulated employees’ Bloomberg IB communications. Without this visibility and control, regulatory compliance poses a business risk 

    With SteelEye, firms can effortlessly ingest, store, and oversee their Bloomberg IB chat data to meet international regulations.  


    Benefits of Bloomberg IB compliance with SteelEye

    Meet your record keeping and supervisory oversight obligations 

    SteelEye enables you to effortlessly archive and monitor your Bloomberg IB data for effortless compliance with FINRA, SEC, MAR, and other rules. We lock all data in a compliant vault so you can comply with record keeping requirements and provide you with robust communications surveillance tools. 

    Enhance your oversight to better detect compliance breaches 

    With SteelEye, you can effectively monitor your Bloomberg IB data to detect compliance breaches. The SteelEye platform allows you to set up robust alerts for automatic supervision of information leakages, MNPI breaches, insider trading, and other forms of market abuse. 

    Improve your insight with holistic capabilities 

    SteelEye is unique in enabling you to natively combine communications with transaction data for comprehensive insight and enhanced risk detection. This means you can control, oversee, and analyze all your data in one place - with seamless workflows, case management, and investigations.

    Key features of SteelEye’s Bloomberg IB compliance platform:

    • Seamless data integration 
    • Native data preservation 
    • Easy eDiscovery for audits, investigations, and litigation purposes  
    • Context-aware platform for a comprehensive view of all compliance data under a single lens 
    • 360° view of who is doing what, where, and with whom - at all times 
    • Full audit trail for ultimate control of changes, deletes, comments, and more  
    • Infinitely scalable SOC2 compliant cloud storage 

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