Webinars and Videos

Expert market Abuse Monitoring Panel | Virtual Regs & Eggs

Experts from Baringa, Finceler8, SIX Group and SteelEye discuss global market abuse monitoring obligations, common challenges and best practices.

Regulatory Reporting Discussion | Regs & Eggs Video Series

SteelEye CEO, Matt Smith and Kaizen Reporting CEO, Dario Crispini discuss the regulatory landscape and how the lockdown impact firms’ ability to manage their regulatory reporting.

Mobile Communications Compliance Webinar

Experts from SteelEye and TeleMessage discuss regulatory requirements for capturing communications and best practices for recording and storing mobile channels.

Can Firms Comply Smarter? Interview with Baringa Partners

SteelEye's CEO, Matt Smith, and Marketing Director, Emmy Granström, discuss the regulatory landscape in the UK and the impact this has had on financial firms.

SteelEye Insights - Verint Summer School Webinar

Helen Bevis, Client Relationship Director at SteelEye, discusses how consolidating data under one lens can lead to effortless regulatory reporting, compliance surveillance & enhanced business insight.

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