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Holistic Surveillance:
Busting the myth

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What is Holistic Surveillance, does it exist today and where is it going? 

Many have spoken about it. Many claim to do it. But what really is holistic surveillance? This is what David Cowland from Fidelity, Ian Hollowbread from ING, and Matt Smith from SteelEye will discuss in this live webinar.



The webinar aims to dispel the myths around holistic surveillance by discussing what it looks like today, what it should look like in the future, and the practical challenges surveillance teams face that could be eased with a holistic approach.

Why attend

With more clarity around what holistic surveillance actually is, you will be better equipped to navigate the path forward. The webinar will provide practical examples from both the buy and sell-side, and offer practical tips and advice.


David Cowland-2

David Cowland

Head of Compliance Operations
Fidelity International

As a champion of innovation, change and solving wicked problems, David is currently working to transform the future of compliance by deploying innovative RegTech solutions to build a more future-fit, technology-enabled organisation. He has over 3 decades of experience working in technology and business roles with Financial Services.


Ian HollowbreadIan Hollowbread

Head of RegTech Labs ING

Ian is responsible for leading RegTech Labs for ING Globally.  An accomplished Change Manager, with 15+ years’ experience across Capital Markets supporting the delivery of significant front to back technology, operational and regulatory programs.  Ian has held a number of positions across the bank including Client Service, Network Management and Head of Service Management.


Matt Smith, SteelEye CEO BW (square)Matt Smith 


Matt is the CEO of SteelEye and has over 20 years of technology and management expertise throughout North America, Europe and Asia. As a senior RegTech product manager at Bloomberg, Matt was instrumental in evolving the product strategies for a range of compliance solutions, and trading and analytics platforms. Prior to this, he was the Chief Information Officer at Noble Group, where he oversaw regulatory technology and the deployment of big data, trading and analytics platforms.

How it works:

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  • What practical challenges are firms facing when it comes to surveillance?
  • What is holistic surveillance and how can it help?
  • What should it look like tomorrow?
  • What is the link between surveillance and the wider business?
  • How does behavioural, security and HR data fit in?



The Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) and MiFID’s surveillance obligations are vital puzzle pieces in preventing financial crime and maintaining stable financial markets.

However, managing surveillance obligations has always been a challenge for financial services firms due to the range data points that need to be captured, monitored, and reported on, and the different legislations firms have to adhere to depending on the country they are operating in. And that was before the Covid-19 pandemic triggered extreme market volatility and trading volumes, and forced home working for the vast majority.

As projected, the regulator has in 2020 pushed market abuse compliance to the top of the agenda, especially in light of remote working and increases in e-communications.

So how do firms successfully manage their MAR obligations? The answer, increasingly, points to holistic surveillance. However, whether this holy grail of compliance monitoring exists today is often disputed. 

This Regs & Eggs webinar will discuss what holistic surveillance means in practice today and what we are hoping it will look like in 30 years.

Why holistic is needed 

Surveillance obligations require firms to actively monitor their trades, orders, communications, and other activity so that they can identify and report any instances or attempts of market abuse.

However, as the world around us becomes more complex, and market abuse behaviours evolve, monitoring these different elements in siloes is no longer effective. To gain the necessary context to fully identify and investigate signs of market abuse, trading activity needs to be analysed alongside communications and other data sources such as news, social media, HR data and more. Only when this is interlinked can compliance teams gain a detailed synopsis of internal behaviours.

This is of course easier said than done, and many say it isn't possible because of the complexities surrounding how to capture and normalise high volumes of both structured data, such as spreadsheets and databases, and unstructured data such as communications.

But technology that brings together and analyses all this data from multiple sources does exist - offering a comprehensive and flexible data platform for compliance oversight. Whether this aligns with people's expectations of holistic may be another question, but it is certainly a start. 

About Regs & Eggs

We first launched our Regs & Eggs series in 2017 in the form of events, inviting thought leaders and experts from across the industry to provide regulatory updates to the SteelEye community over breakfast (eggs to be specific). The last event was hosted in the Houses of Parliament and brought together speakers from the FCA, UnaVista, Baringa, Cruxy, ING and more.

Following growing demand for the series, we hosted our first Virtual Regs & Eggs event on  May 12 and are now also offering Regs & Eggs Videos, where SteelEye CEO, Matt Smith, discusses key Regulatory Technology, FinTech and Compliance topics with industry leaders.