Effortless eDiscovery Solution for Financial Services

SteelEye eDiscovery


Effortlessly respond to internal, due diligence, litigation, or regulatory requests with SteelEye's eDiscovery capability. We capture, store, validate, and index your structured and unstructured data and enable you to: 

  • Effortlessly identify and retrieve any data set

  • Automatically detect and analyze anomalies

  • Create and easily export cases for further investigation

  • Demonstrate that data has been stored in a tamper-proof, Write Once, Read Many (WORM) format

eDiscovery is part of the
 SteelEye Data Platform, which also includes Record Keeping, Trade Reconstruction, and Trade and Order Analytics.


Intelligent Alerts With Ongoing Machine Learning

SteelEye enables you to set up intelligent alerts and automatically prioritize your investigations based on relevance. Through your interactions, SteelEye actively learns the kind of behaviors and activities you are looking for.

Flexibility And Scalability

SteelEye is fully cloud-based, which means that your data is infinitely scalable. At SteelEye, we believe that your data is your data. This is why we make it easy for you to find and retrieve any data set, build cases for investigation, and export data without any limitations or cost.

All Your Data In One Place

While we offer RegTech services and products, SteelEye is a data platform at its core and can capture, store, and index a vast array of information. This gives you the power to overlay, compare, and analyze any data together, deriving enhanced insights to improve your decision-making.

Future-Proofing Your Regulatory Operations

SteelEye provides an enterprise-wide view of all your trading, communications, and regulatory data via a central platform. As a result, overlapping regulatory projects can be identified, and the data that is relevant in one jurisdiction can be set aside for use in another.

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Benefits of SteelEye's eDiscovery Tool

Your data, your success

With SteelEye, you can instantly query any data set, build auditable cases for investigation, and easily export reports - freeing up resources and improving efficiencies.

Powerful analytics

By bringing together your data from disparate systems, you gain unparalleled insight into your business, empowering you to improve your decision-making and ultimately achieve better business and trading outcomes.

Compliance Control

With a single tamper-proof 'golden' source for all your data, you can rest assured in knowing that you can effortlessly and quickly produce any record within seconds - proving that you have complete compliance control.


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