Record Keeping


Comprehensive record keeping is the basis of all compliance requirements. Records of all services, activities and transactions must be kept for up to 7 years. This includes intended transactions, even if the transactions didn’t conclude. 

The records that need to be kept are wide-ranging and include orders, trades, phone calls, mail, faxes, email, instant messages, documents, sales and marketing research, and even meeting minutes. This breadth of records would be challenging enough, but it doesn’t end there. Regulations such as MiFID II require you to store all these records in tamper-proof, Write Once, Read Many (WORM) immutable format, and you may need to retrieve any and all records the regulator requests within 72 hours.

SteelEye was developed to reduce the complexity and cost of compliance and provides you with the tools to effortlessly ingest, normalise, consolidate and store all your data in line with your regulatory requirements. 

Consolidating all your data on one platform makes it easier to retrieve, analyse and use your information, and allows you to free-up budget and resource. 

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