Trade Reconstruction

Microscope vision for any trade you want to reconstruct

Regulators can now ask you to recreate all the conditions surrounding any trader or order. This can be a specific trade with a specific client, or even every trade over a particular period of time. And you may be given only 72 hours to comply.

Help is at hand. With SteelEye’s case manager, you can consolidate all your communications, trade and order data into one place.

Once in the platform your data is indexed, searchable and retrievable. So it takes seconds to zoom in from the portfolio view to the single order view. And at single order resolution, the trade data is overlaid with all related communications data as well as independent pricing. Result: you can sleep sound at night, knowing that if the regulators demand you reconstruct a trade, with SteelEye you can prove exactly how, when and why any trade or order took place. And complying smarter is just the start. Consolidating all your data in one place also gives management greater oversight and insight into all the firm’s trading activities.

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Trade Reconstruction