Automated & Seamless Trade Reconstruction solution

That brings together trading activity, communications, news, and market data so you can reconstruct your trades in seconds

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Get A Single Timeline
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Comply with Confidence. SteelEye is the only compliance platform that fully integrates trading activity, communications, market data, and news on a single platform. Our streamlined Trade Reconstruction solution automatically links communications and trades, making it easy for users to bring together and view their data on a single timeline.



Quickly and efficiently recreate the conditions surrounding any trade or order

SteelEye’s Trade Reconstruction solution allows you to effortlessly recreate the conditions surrounding any trade or order – bringing together transaction details, communications, market data, news, and more with just a few clicks. 

SteelEye captures all of your structured and unstructured data across any asset class, communication type, and system – unifying it under a single lens. We leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data relationships to make the trade reconstruction process as streamlined and automated as possible. 

SteelEye Trade Reconstruction
SteelEye Trade Reconstruction Solution - Responding to regulatory requests

Responding to Regulatory Requests

With SteelEye, you can overlay trade data with related communications and independent pricing in a matter of seconds. This can be easily brought into a case that can be exported and sent to the regulator, even within a tight 72-hour deadline.

SteelEye Trade Reconstruction Solution - Carrying Out Surveillance Investigations

Carrying out Surveillance Investigations

In the case of market manipulation, once an alert has been triggered, SteelEye’s Trade Reconstruction solution helps teams to investigate irregularities or manipulative practices without jumping between systems - they get all the required data on a single timeline.

SteelEye Trade Reconstruction Solution - Replying to best execution enquiries

Replying to Best Execution Enquiries

SteelEye enables teams to quickly bring up a client trade and enrich it with market and reference data to analyze whether best execution was achieved. The output can quickly be brought into a case, exported, and reported to the regulator or a client.


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Global Regulations Require Firms to
Carry out Trade Reconstructions

At any point, regulators can request that you recreate all the conditions surrounding a trade or order. This might be for a specific trade with a specific client or every trade over a particular period of time, and you may be given as little as 72 hours to comply. This requires you to have the ability to extract information quickly. However, considering the wide range of events that can relate to a single trade, this can be both complex and arduous. 


AI-Driven Trade Reconstruction Solution

SteelEye automatically links communications and market data to trades, looking at any given scenario and suggesting records that are deemed to be relevant. This means that firms can dive into any trade or order and immediately see all the related phone calls, meetings, WhatsApp messages, and transaction details.

SteelEye Auto Trade Reconstruction 2


Simplified Case Management 

With SteelEye's Trade Reconstruction, you can add your reconstructed records to an existing case or create a new one at the click of a button. This can then be easily exported and is ready to be reported to regulators or escalated internally.

The requirement to reconstruct the conditions surrounding a trade or order requires firms to identify, locate, and bring together a wide range of information, quickly. This process, which takes some firms more than two weeks to complete, is automatic and effortless with SteelEye's auto-trade reconstruction.


Matt Storey

Matt Storey, Chief Product Officer

TradingTech Insight Awards Europe 2023 - Best Trade Reconstruction Solution
Award Winning Solution

SteelEye was named the Best Trade Reconstruction Solution in the 2023 TradingTech Insight Awards Europe.

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