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Automated and Accurate MiFIR Regulatory Reporting Solution for Financial Services

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Transaction reporting is every firm’s obligation under MiFID II and requires you to compile and report vast amounts of data. However, with up to 65 different data fields and over 300 validation criteria, this can end up consuming significant time and budget.

SteelEye’s Regulatory Reporting suite for MiFID II seamlessly consolidates, cleanses, validates, and enriches all your data in real-time and automates the transaction reporting process. The regulatory reporting suite also includes a three-way reconciliation solution.

Regulatory Reporting for MiFIR 

Under MiFID II, firms are required to send their trade data on T+1 basis an Approved Reporting Mechanism (ARM), National Competent Authority (NCA), or Trade Repository. SteelEye’s Regulatory Reporting solution completely automates data collection, normalizes and enriches data, and simplifies the submission process, saving your firm time and money. 

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Three-Way Reconciliation

In accordance with MiFIR, your regulated financial firm is required to reconcile its reporting data and validate that your trading records match what has been received by regulators. SteelEye's Three-Way Reconciliation solution assists you in fulfilling your reconciliation requirements, validating your transaction reporting data, and easily addressing errors. 

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Risk Awards 2021 SteelEye (3)
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Risk Awards 2021 SteelEye (3)
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SteelEye Best Regulatory Reporting Solution
Industry Recognized Regulatory Reporting

SteelEye was named the Best Regulatory Reporting Solution in the 2022 Hedgeweek European Awards. 

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