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The Data Problem

Over recent decades, the amount of information collected and used by financial firms has exploded, with different data sets spread across multiple platforms and systems. This has made financial compliance much more challenging because, at the heart of all regulatory obligations is the need to bring together, analyze and store vast amounts of data for archiving, supervisory oversight, and control. This data dispersion also prevents firms from harnessing the power of their information which, once consolidated, can reveal great insight beyond regulatory compliance.

“We were driven to start SteelEye because in my former life as a CIO, trying to effectively manage regulatory obligations, we discovered that there was no data-centric compliance solution available"

Matt Smith (circle)

Matt Smith, CEO, SteelEye

SteelEye data feeds

Financial regulations require you to take control of your data. With SteelEye, you succeed.

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"We recognised that if we could firstly solve our clients’ data problems and establish a ‘golden’ source of information, we could then offer them a suite of integrated but distinct compliance modules that natively leverage that data to facilitate effortless compliance."

Matthew Storey, Chief Product Officer, SteelEye

Other Solutions

Trade oversight

Communications oversight

Record keeping & archiving

Best Execution & TCA

Regulatory Reporting

Our Approach

Instead of solving for individual regulatory problems, we start by capturing, cleansing, indexing and analyzing vast volumes of our clients' structured and unstructured data from a range of sources. Once in the SteelEye platform, our clients can then use one or more of our compliance solutions to reduce their risk, save costs and unleash the power of their data, ultimately complying smarter.

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RegTech Ecosystem

Our comprehensive RegTech suite covers MiFIR reporting, trade surveillance and market abuse detection, communications capture and surveillance, best execution and transaction cost analysis, record keeping, eDiscovery, trade reconstruction and analytics.

Leadership Team

Alicia Ariffin

Global Head of People and Culture

Chris Pennington

Chief Revenue Officer

Dan Klein

Head of EMEA Sales

David Haines

Chief Technology Officer

Duncan Stuart-Reid

Chief Operating Officer

Emmy Granstrom

Global Head of Marketing

Matt Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Storey

Chief Product Officer

Rob Bernstein

Chief Financial Officer

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