SteelEye Core Package

Turn oversight into insight by consolidating all your data under a single lens

    Compliance keeps moving. Stay ahead.

    Regulatory requirements are forever changing, each piece of legislation large and complex. As a result, financial firms are seeing an increase in spend allocated on compliance, but after growing year on year, these budgets need to be justified. Legacy systems are ripe for review - understanding where bottom-line costs can be cut with smarter technology is at the top of the agenda.  

    SteelEye’s Core Package consolidates trade, order, communications, market and reference data on one platform, helping financial firms effortlessly meet a range of regulatory demands. With a wealth of data under one lens, companies can derive enhanced business value from their information. Ingestion and indexing of data is seamless, and because SteelEye is cloud-based, there is no client-side installation needed - keeping costs to a minimum. 

    The SteelEye core package includes Record Keeping, Trade Reconstruction and Order & Trade Analytics.

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    Core Package

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    Record Keeping

    Comprehensive record keeping is the basis of all compliance requirements. Records of all services, activities and transactions must be kept for up to 7 years.

    SteelEye consolidates all your data in one place – trade and order data, emails, IMs and phone calls. By normalising and consolidating your data, SteelEye simplifies the otherwise complex process of proving compliance.


    Record Keeping Screen


    Trade Reconstruction

    Regulators can ask you to recreate the conditions for any trader or order. This can be a specific trade with a specific client, or even every trade over a particular period of time. And you may be given only 72 hours to comply.

    With SteelEye, all your communications, trade and order data is indexed, searchable and retrievable, helping them prove to the regulator exactly how, when and why a trade or order took place.




    Trade & Order Analytics

    With all your data under a single lens, your data becomes an asset which goes to work for your firm.

    SteelEye offers a set of highly practical and insightful decision support tools designed to perform deep-dive analyses on client’s orders and transactions to provide actionable answers to challenging questions. The platform allows rapid and simple navigation from the portfolio level to asset class, financial instrument, individual orders and trade data - allowing you to truly understand your business top to bottom.


    Trade and Order Analytics (screen)