MiFIR Transaction  Reporting

Automated, Accurate, and Reliable MiFID II Transaction Reporting Solution

Free up resources with an effortless MiFID II Transaction Reporting Solution

With up to 65 different data fields and over 300 validation criteria, MiFID II Transaction Reporting can end up consuming a large amount of time, money, and effort.

SteelEye’s MiFID II Transaction Reporting solution seamlessly captures, normalizes, and enriches your data, before automatically compiling your daily MiFIR reports, which is then ready to be sent to an ARM automatically or with a simple click of a button. 

Giving you maximum value from your MiFIR Reporting

Our Eligibility Calculator helps you automatically determine which trades are in scope for reporting, and our Three-Way Reconciliation solution effortlessly validates your MiFIR reporting data – ensuring that your reporting is always complete and accurate. 


Download the MiFID II Transaction Reporting FactSheet

MiFID II Transaction Reporting Solution

MiFID II Transaction Reporting, Simplified.

We seamlessly capture all your required MiFID II Transaction Reporting data, ensuring it is cleansed, mapped, and accurately indexed. 

Our MiFID II Transaction Reporting Eligibility Calculator determines which trades are in scope for transaction reporting. Reportable trades are then used to automatically compile your daily T+1 reports, which can be scheduled for automatic submission or manually submitted to an ARM.

SteelEye automates the MiFID II Transaction Reporting workflow from start to finish so that clients do not even need to log in to do their transaction reporting. 

All submitted reports are validated against the MiFID II Transaction Reporting criteria, presenting any rejections for easy correction. 


  • We capture all your required trading data for reporting, passing all trades through our MiFID II Transaction Reporting eligibility calculator. 
  • Reportable trades are automatically used to compile daily MiFID II transaction reports, and then are ready to be sent to an ARM via the SteelEye platform at the click of a button. 
  • That's it, MiFID II Transaction Reporting = Simplified!


Benefits of SteelEye's MiFID II Transaction Reporting

Seamless data collection

SteelEye seamlessly consolidates your data, reducing compliance admin and freeing-up time.

Automatic data normalization

Different data formats are cleansed and normalized automatically within the SteelEye platform, removing the need for manual data conversions.

Data Enrichment

All data is enriched within SteelEye's platform with additional information required by the regulations, such as LEIs and ISINs.

Reporting Eligibility Calculator

We determine exactly which trades need to be reported, returning a list of all instruments and the corresponding transaction reporting requirements.

Simplified transaction reporting

Reportable trades are used to automatically compile your T+1 reports, and are then ready to be sent to an ARM automatically or at the click of a button.

Enhanced Insight

With all data in one place, you gain a whole new level of insight into your performance, enabling you to enhance your decision-making and competitive edge.


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MiFID II Transaction Reporting, Simplified

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