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SteelEye stores and monitors all your business-critical compliance data including communications, trades, orders, and more.

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Connecting the Compliance Dots

Capture all your compliance data including orders, trades, communications, and market data with SteelEye. Unlock actionable insights while effortlessly meeting your compliance obligations for archiving, oversight, and reporting.






Chat / Mobile


Financial Messaging




Trade and Order Feeds


Instrument Reference Data


Transcription Connectors


Communication via chat and mobile has become increasingly demanded within the financial services industry by clients and employees alike. If used by regulated employees, communications on these platforms need to be stored and monitored. SteelEye helps you effortlessly archive and oversee your mobile and chat communications, across platforms, empowering your employees to communicate and collaborate compliantly.


Financial Messaging

Messaging tools like Bloomberg Chat and Refinitiv Messenger are essential for collaboration within financial services. To comply with regulations, financial firms need to capture, archive, and oversee communications on these platforms. SteelEye facilitates effortless record keeping and supervision of financial messaging chat data.


Transcription Connectors

Transcribing and indexing voice communications can enable firms to better analyze their data to identify risks and signs of wrongdoing. SteelEye's financial services-specific voice transcription engine is powered by AWS or DeepGram for enhanced voice-to-text analytics.


Under many financial regulations, capturing and analyzing the voice communications carried out by regulated employees is a fundamental compliance requirement. With SteelEye, you can comprehensively capture, store, and monitor voice data across a range of channels.



Collaboration platforms are now business-critical tools for many financial institutions - allowing employees and clients to communicate and share information seamlessly and instantaneously. Ensure compliance without compromising productivity by capturing data from your collaboration tools with SteelEye.


Trade and Order Feeds

Global regulations for require financial firms to capture, archive, and monitor their transaction and execution data. SteelEye provides direct connectivity to most order and execution management systems, trading platforms, and liquidity management tools, enabling data to flow seamlessly into the SteelEye platform for record keeping, trade surveillance, best execution, transaction reporting, and more.


Instrument Reference & Market Data

Market data is essential for compliance benchmarking, surveillance, and reporting. Instrument reference data provides a standardized taxonomy for firms to run smart searches and more easily determine their MiFIR reporting eligibility. SteelEye takes the pain out of sourcing instrument reference and market data by providing it natively within the SteelEye platform.


Use your data within SteelEye’s:

Record Keeping, Archiving & eDiscovery

Communications Surveillance

Trade Surveillance

Transaction Reporting

Best Execution and TCA


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