Market Data

    Enrich your compliance processes

    with complementary market data 

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    SteelEye takes the pain out of sourcing market data with embedded data coverage from a range of European, American, and international exchanges

    SteelEye brings in a wide range of market data into the SteelEye platform, enabling firms to enrich their compliance processes with reference sources for more intelligent market abuse alerts, benchmarking, and insight 


    Benefits of SteelEye:

    Completeness - Gain a holistic view of all your data 

    Bringing together all your data in one place gives you a holistic view of all your information – from transactions, communications, market data, and more. Using the same underlying dataset for all compliance requirements mitigates risks associated with manual errors and signals being missed.

    Control - Enhance your compliance management

    Having all your compliance processes on one platform provides enhanced control and oversight – making it easy to spot errors, breaches, and risks. Many firms have their data spread across multiple platforms. There is often little control in this or over who uses the data. With SteelEye, you can control who sees what and when. 

    Consolidation - Reduce complexity and cost

    Bringing everything together under a single lens reduces the number of systems, vendors, and manual processes you rely on. As a result, direct and indirect costs associated with regulatory compliance can be reduced.

    Key features:

    • Seamless data integration 
    • Accurate and correct application of data 
    • Solutions built to evolve 
    • Holistic capabilities enabling surveillance and reporting across trades and communications  
    • Modular solutions for multiple compliance obligations  
    • Full audit trail for ultimate control of changes, deletes, comments, and more  
    • Context-aware, AI-powered platform 
    • Infinitely scalable SOC2 compliant cloud storage 

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