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Advanced market abuse and communications monitoring software

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Gain Full Control Over Your Financial Compliance

Monitoring your transactions and communications can be challenging – especially if the data is spread across different systems. As regulatory requirements get more complex, you need a way of continuously and effectively managing your communication and trade surveillance obligations.

If you can't demonstrate that you’re actively monitoring suspicious behaviours and activities, with the ability to identify and stop threats quickly, you risk significant reputational, operational and financial implications. You are liable to be held personally accountable if your firm doesn’t have a process for managing conduct. So, you need to demonstrate that you’re taking the necessary precautions.


With SteelEye's holistic surveillance solution, it’s easy! You can quickly identify signs of suspicious activity like market manipulation, insider trading and spoofing – before it becomes a problem. Our smart reporting tools and advanced algorithms examine your data holistically, ensuring risks are flagged and dealt with quickly. You can also detect and monitor all trading activities using bespoke reports, so you’re always in control of your financial compliance.

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A Single Solution for Communications and Trade Surveillance

Our platform brings all of your trade and communications data together so you can store, monitor and manage it all in one place. This lets you examine data from across your entire portfolio, from order management systems, trading platforms, telecoms solutions and more – with the opportunity for in-depth analysis that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

With complete control over your data, you’ll be able to react to challenges faster and smarter – giving you the competitive edge.



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  • Demonstrate continuous financial compliance
  • Automate essential processes to free up time

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Tailored Reporting for Better Analysis

Create reports on a wide range of market behaviours – like spoofing, wash trades, frontrunning and pump and dump – for regulatory or audit purposes.

Automated Detection & Monitoring

Our AI scans through all of your data, automatically flagging anything that could be harmful. You can customise these alerts or use pre-set triggers mapped to key market abuse behaviours.

Enhanced Business Insight

With all of your data in one place, you get the opportunity for better insight through tailored analysis. You can also search, categorise and export your findings much easier, saving you time and money.

“We took the decision early on to automate as much of our compliance set up as possible. SteelEye enables us to do this, reducing the complexity of what can otherwise be an arduous and painful process. SteelEye is also one of the most cost-effective solutions we came across and very few other vendors offer the same breadth of regulatory compliance solutions.”

Aidan Brady, Chief Operating Officer, Ardent Financial

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