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Financial Services Transcription Engine - SteelEye

The need for better voice transcription

The Covid pandemic and subsequent shift to flexible working have resulted in increased scrutiny of communications rules. Consequently, firms are moving fast to take control of their communications surveillance programs to ensure they have the policies and procedures they need to ensure compliance. 

With better voice-to-text accuracy, surveillance models can become more intelligent, allowing firms to better identify compliance risks while reducing false positives. Running searches using inaccurate transcription data on the other hand is ineffective and leaves firms vulnerable to missing risks.

Improve Your Voice Transcription Speed and Accuracy with SteelEye

SteelEye's industry-specific voice-to-text engine enables both faster (120x) and more accurate (+90%) transcription and indexing. Discover how this enables quicker and more intelligent investigations in this short video. 


Financial Services Specific Voice Transcription Engine

SteelEye’s transcription model is tailored to the financial markets and powered by DeepGram, whose speech recognition model is AI-driven to yield enhanced results. The voice-to-text engine includes linguistic customization that accounts for specific industry jargon and the type of language historically used to manipulate markets - amassed from hundreds of court filings covering market abuse offenses.

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Benefits of SteelEye's Financial Services Transcription Engine 

Faster voice-to-text transcription

Powered by DeepGram, SteelEye's transcription engine is 120x faster than other transcription services and offers +90% accuracy.

Automatic voice data indexing

The SteelEye platform automatically indexes transcription data so market abuse algorithms can analyze the voice communications in near real-time for enhanced risk detection.

Optimized for Financial Services

SteelEye’s transcription model is tailored to the financial markets with linguistic customization that accounts for industry jargon and the specific language often used in market manipulation.


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