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Increased pressure on effective market abuse monitoring

Recent regulations have put increased pressure on financial services firms to proactively identify suspicious activity, market abuse and financial crime - requiring them to monitor, detect and report on a broad range of suspicious behaviours across a vast array of instruments.

To achieve this, firms need to monitor an extensive range of data covering trades, orders and other relevant information. However, due to the siloed nature of many internal systems, this has become prohibitively difficult to do – leaving many firms at risk of missing key signs of market abuse.

Your Trade Surveillance Obligations, Simplified

By integrating and connecting large volumes of data on a single platform and applying an unparalleled level automation, SteelEye simplifies trade surveillance and enables firms to meet their market abuse monitoring obligations more efficiently and accurately than any other solution.

Advanced Trade Surveillance Software

Our asset class agnostic Trade Surveillance solution brings together all your trade and order data on a single platform, complementing it with market data, news, and social media sources before presenting it back to you in a meaningful way. We offer a range of intelligent trade surveillance tools, covering a wide range of market abuse activities and behaviours, so you can proactively monitor, prevent and mitigate market abuse risk. SteelEye's Trade Surveillance solution enables you to strengthen your risk detection, improve your oversight and continuously demonstrate compliance, whilst freeing up resource and saving costs. 


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Benefits of SteelEye's Trade Surveillance Software

Enhanced Trade Surveillance Data Management

Seamlessly bring together your trade and order data covering any asset class or instrument. You also benefit from embedded market data from a range of European and international sources.

Real-time risk detection

Effortlessly create and customise searches across your entire data set to speed up your trade surveillance investigations. Use customised or pre-defined alerts to identify and resolve market abuse risks quickly.

Improved market abuse oversight

Use our fully audited case manager to effectively track and monitor your work queues, carry out market abuse investigations and respond to regulatory requests.

Demonstrate ongoing compliance

Proactively monitor your trading operations for a range of market abuse behaviours and use our powerful reporting tool to create tailored reports for regulatory or audit purposes.

Integrated Surveillance

Overlay your trading activity with communications, news and social media and other data sources to improve investigations through context and better identify insider trading risks.

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HFM Award Best RegTech Solution
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HFM Award Best RegTech Solution
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“We took the decision early on to automate as much of our compliance set up as possible.  SteelEye enables us to do this, reducing the complexity of what can otherwise be an arduous and painful process. SteelEye is also one of the most cost-effective solutions we came across and very few other vendors offer the same breadth of regulatory compliance solutions.”

Aidan Brady, Chief Operating Officer, Ardent Financial

Using SteelEye's MiFID II Reporting and Trade Surveillance solutions | Learn more >

SteelEye Waters Tech Awards
Award Winning Trade Surveillance Solution

SteelEye was named as the Best Market Surveillance Platform by WatersTechnology in 2021.

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