Trade Surveillance

Better Market Abuse Monitoring and Detection for Financial Services

Optimise your market abuse detection and risk oversight.

Recent regulatory mandates including the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) have put increased pressure on financial services firms to proactively identify suspicious activity, market abuse and financial crime, such as insider trading and market manipulation.

As a result, firms are moving fast to ensure they are able to effectively and quickly identify and mitigate potential risks. However, due to the broad set of information that needs to be monitored - from communications, orders and trades through to CRM and market data - this is something which has historically been difficult to do on a consolidated basis.

Your reporting is only as good as your detection.

SteelEye's Trade Surveillance provides you with a comprehensive and asset class agnostic surveillance platform for trade and order supervision.

Intelligent reporting tools, advanced algorithms and machine learning technology analyses your data in real-time, ensuring risks get identified and stopped quickly. 

Our search capabilities empower you to instantly identify and retrieve any data set, and using our intelligent alerts you can reduce false positives.

Combined with SteelEye's Communications Surveillance, you also gain a comprehensive cross platform insight. 

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SteelEye Trade Surveillance Overview

Download our MAR Trade Surveillance service overview:

Strengthen your detection

Seamlessly integrate your trading and communications data into SteelEye and use customised or pre-defined alerts to identify and resolve risks quickly.

Improve your oversight

Effortlessly create and customise searches across your entire data set to speed up your investigations.

Actively demonstrate compliance

Monitor a range of market abuse behaviours and use our powerful reporting tool to create tailored reports for regulatory or audit purposes.

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