Trade Surveillance

Enhanced Market Abuse Monitoring and Detection for Financial Services

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Optimise your market abuse detection and risk oversight.

Recent regulatory mandates including the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) have put increased pressure on financial services firms to proactively identify suspicious activity, market abuse and financial crime, such as insider trading and market manipulation.

SteelEye's asset class agnostic Trade Surveillance and Market Abuse Detection solution enable you to strengthen your risk detection, improve your oversight and continuously demonstrate compliance.


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Your reporting is only as good as your detection.

Firms are moving fast to ensure they are able to effectively and quickly identify and mitigate potential risks. However, due to the broad set of information that needs to be monitored - from communications, orders and trades through to CRM and market data - this can be difficult to do.

SteelEye's Surveillance solution offers comprehensive coverage for a wide range of market abuse activities and behaviours.

We bring together all your structured and unstructured data, complementing it with reference, market, news, and social media sources, before presenting it back to you in a meaningful way. 

  • Intelligent reporting tools, advanced algorithms and machine learning technology analyses your data in real time, ensuring risks get identified and stopped quickly.
  • Advanced search capabilities empower you to instantly identify and retrieve any data set.
  • Using historic analysis, you can identify the impact of new rules before they are rolled out, reducing false positives and enabling you to fine-tune your surveillance procedures.
  • Through advanced data relationships and behavioural analysis, you gain intelligent insights into your underlying data – helping you optimise business performance.
  • Combined with SteelEye's Communications Surveillance, you gain comprehensive cross platform insight. 

“We took the decision early on to automate as much of our compliance set up as possible.  SteelEye enables us to do this, reducing the complexity of what can otherwise be an arduous and painful process. SteelEye is also one of the most cost-effective solutions we came across and very few other vendors offer the same breadth of regulatory compliance solutions.”

Aidan Brady, Chief Operating Officer, Ardent Financial


Enhanced Data Management

Seamlessly bring together your structured and unstructured data in SteelEye and benefit from embedded market data from a range of European and international sources.

Real-time detection

Effortlessly create and customise searches across your entire data set to speed up your investigations. Use customised or pre-defined alerts to identify and resolve risks quickly.

Improved oversight

Use the fully audited case manager to effectively track and monitor your work queues, assisting your firm in overcoming any regulatory challenges.

Ongoing compliance

Monitor a range of market abuse behaviours and use our powerful reporting tool to create tailored reports for regulatory or audit purposes.

Integrated news

Integrate news and social media alongside your trading activity to gain the necessary context needed to detect signs of insider trading.

Take control of your data

Respond to internal, due diligence, litigation or regulatory requests quickly with SteelEye's eDiscovery. We collect, normalise, validate, and index your structured and unstructured data and enable you to:

  • Effortlessly identify and retrieve any data set
  • Automatically detect and analyse anomalies
  • Create and easily export cases for further investigation

SteelEye enables you to set up intelligent alerts and automatically prioritise investigations based relevance. Through your interactions, SteelEye actively learns the kind of behaviours and activities you are looking for.

SteelEye is fully cloud-based which means that your data is infinitely scalable. At SteelEye, we believe that your data is YOUR data. This is why we make it easy for you to find, investigate and retrieve any data set, and easily build cases and export data without any limitations or cost.

Whilst we offers RegTech services and products, SteelEye is a data platform at its core and can capture, normalise and index a vast array of information. This gives you the power to overlay, compare and analyse any data together, deriving enhanced insights to improve your decision making.

SteelEye provides an enterprise-wide view of all your trading, communications and regulatory data via a central platform. As a result, overlapping regulatory projects can be identified and the data relevant in one jurisdiction can be set aside for use in another.

“We were looking for a solution that would allow us to meet our regulatory requirements and consolidate our ever-growing number of supported platforms, communication channels and trade and order systems. SteelEye provided that solution.”

PATRICK FIETJE, CEO at Tavira Securities  |  Hear from our clients >

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