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Forensic Testing, Trading Analytics and Surveillance for Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Banks, and Brokers

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SteelEye Trade Surveillance Software

Increased pressure on forensic testing and trading analytics 

Regulators are putting increased pressure on financial services firms to proactively carry out forensic testing and trading analytics to identify atypical activity and market manipulation. This requires firms to monitor, detect, and report on a wide range of data covering trades, orders, and other relevant information.

To reduce compliance risk, firms need to be able to detect manipulative practices and unusual trading patterns - particularly as regulators are using technology that detects this kind of activity among the firms they regulate. However, due to the siloed nature of many internal systems, this has become prohibitively difficult to do.


Supervisory Oversight, Guaranteed. 

By integrating and connecting large volumes of data on a platform with powerful visualization and search tools, SteelEye provides you with complete supervisory oversight of all your trading activity. The trade surveillance platform is equipped with advanced tools for forensic testing and trading analytics that enable you to detect manipulative practices and out-of-the-ordinary behavior. 

Advanced Trade Surveillance and Analytics Software

Our asset class agnostic Trade Surveillance solution brings together all your trade and order data from over 50 trade data handlers on a single platform, complementing it with market data, news, and social media sources. We offer a range of intelligent surveillance, trade analytics, and forensic testing tools so you can easily detect atypical activity and manipulative practices like insider trading, spoofing, wash trading, and more. 

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Benefits of SteelEye's
Trade Surveillance Software

Enhanced Trade Data Management

Seamlessly bring together your trade and order data covering any asset class or instrument. You also benefit from embedded market data from a range of international sources.

Proactive risk detection

Effortlessly create and customize searches across your entire data set to speed up your trade surveillance investigations. Use customized or pre-defined alerts to quickly identify atypical activity.

Improved supervisory oversight

With all your data under a single lens you get complete supervisory oversight of your trading activity. Use our fully audited case manager to effectively carry out investigations and respond to regulatory requests.

Demonstrate ongoing compliance

Proactively monitor your trading operations for a range of well-known manipulative practices and use our powerful reporting tool to create tailored reports for regulatory or audit purposes.

Integrated Surveillance

Overlay your trading activity with communications, news and social media, and other data sources to improve investigations through context and better identify insider trading risks.

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“We took the decision early on to automate as much of our compliance set up as possible.  SteelEye enables us to do this, reducing the complexity of what can otherwise be an arduous and painful process. SteelEye is also one of the most cost-effective solutions we came across and very few other vendors offer the same breadth of regulatory compliance solutions.”

Aidan Brady, Chief Operating Officer, Ardent Financial

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Award-Winning Surveillance Solution

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