Trade Surveillance

There is a growing pressure to detect market abuse and ensure protection against manipulative market risk.

Recent regulation has upped the ante for financial market participants and venues when it comes to reporting potential market abuse. Firms and venues now need to detect and report a broader range of suspicious behaviours on a broader range of instruments, for not only suspicious trades but also orders.

Your reporting is only as good as your detection. SteelEye’s Trade Surveillance package is asset class agnostic and provides advanced algorithms and machine learning technology which analyses trade and order data to identify potentially suspicious activities. 

SteelEye's Trade Surveillance provides firms with a comprehensive surveillance tool for trade and order supervision.  Intelligent alerts and powerful tools reduce false positives. Combined with SteelEye's Communications Surveillance, firms gain comprehensive cross platform insight. Because SteelEye is a cloud-based, cost at all times is kept at a minimum.


  • Review & analyse relevant data across different markets and products.

  • Visualise historic trends and profiles, by client, trader or business unit.

  • Build auditable cases for investigation and escalation.


Trade Surveillance

Download our Trade Surveillance service overview to learn more about how SteelEye can help: