AI-Driven Surveillance Lexicon

Widen your searches while reducing false positives with SteelEye's AI-driven surveillance lexicon

SteelEye AI-Driven Lexicon

Time Is Ripe For Improving Communications Compliance

The need for enhanced communications monitoring is more pressing than ever with regulators globally cracking down hard on communications surveillance rules. Yet many firms still use legacy lexicons that have limited search capabilities and generate high numbers of false positives, giving firms a limited view of risk.

AI-Driven Tech to the Rescue

SteelEye’s Surveillance Lexicon offers an unparalleled number of search terms while refining results based on relevance through artificial intelligence (AI) and context-reading technology. This allows firms to widen their searches and cover more ground while reducing inaccurate results. 

Cast a wider surveillance net

SteelEye’s Surveillance Lexicon monitors more than six times as many search terms than a standard lexicon for an unrivaled level of oversight, helping firms better identify signs of market abuse. The lexicon covers tens of thousands of search terms and captures all linguistic word variations, colloquialisms, as well as ‘text-speak’ and other abbreviations, slang and even typos.

SteelEye AI-Driven Lexicon - Cast a wider surveillance net

"The increased number of search terms combined with the context-driven technology enables firms to cast their surveillance monitoring net as wide as possible without being overloaded with results, ensuring firms can spend more time on investigations and escalations instead of sifting through false positives."

Matt Storey-1
Matt Storey
Chief Product Officer, SteelEye


Benefits of SteelEye's Surveillance Lexicon


Don’t just comply.

Unlock actionable insights to sharpen your competitive edge while effortlessly meeting your compliance obligations.


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