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Consolidate data under one lens for effortless regulatory reporting, compliance surveillance & enhanced business insight
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All your data under a single lens

Reduce Costs

Legacy systems are expensive. By automating workflows and accelerating reporting, SteelEye saves you money, time and resources.

Gain Insight

With SteelEye, you are future-proofing yourself for a world where data intelligence is becoming a key source of competitive edge.

Comply Smarter™

Consolidating all your data is more than faster, smarter compliance. With everything under a single lens, you will see your data like never before.

Compliance keeps moving

With SteelEye, you stay ahead

Regulatory requirements keep moving. Each directive is large, complex and prone to change. As a result, financial firms are reporting increased time, costs and resources devoted to ensuring they are compliant.

But as they act to keep up, the costs can mount up. And for compliance leaders, creaking legacy systems mean time spent on compliance legwork. This time could be better spent keeping up-to-date with regulatory change and technology solutions.

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How customers are using SteelEye

  • Survillance icon

    Trade Surveillance

    SteelEye’s Trade Surveillance package provides a set of advanced algorithms which analyse all your data, looking for potentially suspicious activity.

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  • Record Keeping icon

    Record Keeping

    Comprehensive record keeping is the basis of all compliance requirements. SteelEye secures your data in tamper-proof form, and makes it instantly retrievable.

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  • Survillance icon

    Communication Surveillance

    SteelEye communication surveillance package, your data becomes an early warning system ensuring unwanted behaviours get identified and stopped quickly, and because SteelEye is a cloud based solution, cost at all times is kept at a minimum

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  • Transaction Reporting

    Transaction reporting is every firm’s legal obligation under MiFID II. SteelEye automates data collection and normalizes the data into the required format.

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  • Best Execution Icon

    Best Execution

    MiFID II has dramatically increased Best Execution requirements. With SteelEye compiling and submitting your RTS27 and RTS28 reports is effortless.

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  • Trade Reconstruction icon

    Trade Reconstruction

    Regulators can ask you to recreate the conditions for any trader or order. With SteelEye, all your communications, trade and order data is indexed, searchable and retrievable.

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  • Trade and Order icon

    Trade & Order Analytics

    Consolidating all your data in one place is more than faster, smarter compliance. Everything under a single lens, your data becomes an asset which goes to work for your firm.

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