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    Securely archive, monitor, and analyze your Bloomberg Mail data with SteelEye

    Bloomberg Mail is widely recognized as an essential financial services communications tool.  Integrated with the Bloomberg terminal, it is a key channel of communications within the financial service industry.  

    To meet regulatory obligations, regulated financial firms are required to store and oversee their communications data. SteelEye offers robust and efficient archiving of Bloomberg Mail, allowing firms to easily meet their record keeping and communications oversight obligations.


    Enable your firm to communicate compliantly with SteelEye’s Bloomberg Mail compliance

    Capture and store your Bloomberg Mail data

    SteelEye’s record keeping platform enables you to effortlessly bring together and securely store your Bloomberg mail data, with optional WORM-compliant storage.

    Monitor and analyze your communications data

    SteelEye enables you to monitor and analyze all your email data to identify misconduct and market abuse. Our context-aware platform reduces false positives – ensuring that compliance teams only need to investigate genuine risks. 

    Leverage powerful visualization tools for enhanced oversight

    SteelEye provides powerful reporting and visualization tools that allow you to easily query your data, build reports for audit or MI purposes, and combine communications with transaction data for comprehensive insight.

    Key features of SteelEye’s Bloomberg Mail communications capture and surveillance:

    • Seamless data integration 
    • Secure legal hold capabilities
    • Native data preservation
    • eDiscovery for audits and investigations
    • Holistic surveillance and reporting capabilities 
    • 360° view of who is doing what, where, and with whom 
    • Full audit trail of changes, deletes, comments, and more 
    • Scalable SOC2 compliant cloud storage

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