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    Archive, monitor, and analyze your firm’s WhatsApp data with SteelEye for effortless compliance

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat platforms in the world, used by over 2 billion people, and offers instant messaging and voice-over-IP services. It has become highly demanded within the financial services industry by clients and employees alike. However, many firms have historically banned its use because of the requirement to capture, archive, and monitor the data – which can be a challenge on digital platforms. This has left many firms vulnerable to falling short of their obligations as they risk employees violating their policies and using the platform anyway – as we have seen in dozens of WhatsApp-related headlines.  

    SteelEye provides a robust and efficient solution to the WhatsApp compliance challenge, enabling firms to archive and monitor WhatsApp data easily. As a result, firms can allow their employees to communicate compliantly on the channels – ensuring that all applicable record keeping and surveillance rules are met.   


    Protect your firm with SteelEye’s WhatsApp communications compliance

    Enable your workforce to communicate compliantly  

    Seamlessly integrate your regulated employees’ WhatsApp data with SteelEye for effortless record keeping and surveillance. The platform enables you to proactively archive your communications per applicable regulatory rules, with optional WORM-compliant storage. 

    Proactively supervise your data to reduce your risk 

    SteelEye enables you to set up robust and effective surveillance alerts and watches that allow you to automatically detect potential instances of information leakage, MNPI breaches, insider trading, and other forms of market abuse. 

    Analyze and visualize your data with powerful reporting tools 

    SteelEye’s reporting and visualization tools allow you to easily query your data, build reports for audit or MI purposes, and create cases for investigation. Plus, SteelEye is unique in allowing you to natively combine communications with transaction data for enhanced analytics and risk detection. 

    Key features of SteelEye’s WhatsApp compliance platform:

    • WORM compliant data storage with secure legal hold capabilities
    • Infinitely scalable SOC2 compliant cloud storage
    • Easy eDiscovery for audits, investigations, and litigation purposes  
    • 360° view of who is doing what, where, and with whom
    • Full audit trail of changes, deletes, and comments
    • Holistic trades and comms surveillance capabilities 


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