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    Slack is an instant messaging program that has been designed specifically for the workplace. It offers enterprise collaboration tools for direct messaging, chat rooms, calling, file sharing, and more. Without tight controls and governance, Slack usage among regulated firms can lead to policy breaches, accidental data leakage, unauthorized information sharing, misuse of MNPI, and other compliance risks. If authorized by regulated employees, firms are required to store and oversee their Slack data in accordance with regulatory obligations. 

     SteelEye enables firms to archive and monitor Slack usage by regulated employees effectively. As a result, firms can allow collaboration via Slack while ensuring that all applicable record keeping and surveillance rules are met.   


    Benefits of Slack compliance with SteelEye

    Ensure Slack compliance is watertight  

    Integrating Slack with SteelEye enables you to effectively meet information archiving and supervisory oversight rules. SteelEye locks your Slack data in a tamper-proof vault, with optional WORM-compliant storage, for effortless compliance with FINRA, SEC, MAR rules, and other regulations. 

    Proactively supervise your firm’s Slack usage to reduce risk 

    SteelEye enables you to set up robust and effective Slack surveillance alerts that allow you to automatically detect potential instances of information leakage, MNPI breaches, insider trading, and other forms of market abuse. 

    Analyze and visualize your Slack data  

    SteelEye’s powerful reporting and visualization tools allow you to easily query your data, build reports for audit or MI purposes, and create cases for investigation. Plus, SteelEye allows you to natively combine communications with transaction data for enhanced risk detection. 

    Key features of SteelEye’s Slack compliance platform:

    • Automated data integration with SOC2 compliant data storage   
    • Easy eDiscovery for audits, investigations, and litigation purposes  
    • Full audit trail for ultimate control of changes, deletes, comments, and more  
    • Holistic capabilities enabling surveillance and reporting across both trades and comms natively  
    • Context-aware, cloud-based platform that provides a 360° view of who is doing what, where, and with whom - at all times 

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