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    with ESMA Instrument Reference Data directly in SteelEye

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    The SteelEye platform is complemented with ESMA FIRDS data for optimized and automated compliance

    ESMA FIRDS is a data system covering the scope of financial instruments included under MiFID II. It was established by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) in cooperation with the national competent authorities (NCAs) in Europe. The system records all instruments that have been traded on EU trading venues (ToTV) – as reported by the venues or NCA – providing a standardized taxonomy of instruments. Among other things, the system helps firms determine their MiFIR reporting eligibility.  

     SteelEye has a direct feed into ESMA FIRDS. This means clients using SteelEye can run smart searches using the ESMA FIRDS standardized taxonomy and more easily determine their transaction reporting eligibility. In fact, SteelEye uses FIRDS data to inform clients of their MiFIR eligibility automatically, making it possible for firms to automate their transaction reporting from start to finish.  


    Benefits of SteelEye:

    Comply Smarter by bringing all your data together

    Our comprehensive RegTech suite uses the same underlying data set to allow you to manage multiple compliance obligations. Our proprietary data framework ensures that all your data is accurate – both as it is ingested and used within our RegTech modules – so your reporting, oversight, and risk detection always meet the regulatory standards.   

    Reduce the cost and complexity of compliance

    Legacy systems are expensive. Because our platform is deep-rooted in data governance, we can apply unparalleled automation to our solutions without compromising compliance quality. By automating workflows and accelerating compliance, SteelEye saves you money, time, and resource. 

    Turn compliance oversight into insight 

    The ability to quickly access and analyze data is essential to a financial firm’s ability to achieve a competitive advantage. With SteelEye, you get instant visibility of, and interaction with, your data. Our advanced search functionality allows you to instantly find any trade, order, or communication instantly.  

    Key features:

    • Data-driven compliance for maximum efficiency 
    • Native data preservation 
    • SOC2-compliant cloud storage 
    • Accurate and correct application of data 
    • Holistic trades and communications capabilities for surveillance and reporting  
    • Modular, future-proofed solutions for managing multiple compliance obligations  
    • Full audit trail of changes, deletes, and comments for complete control of who sees what and when 

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