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Better Best Execution and Transaction Cost Analysis for Financial Services

Meet your Best Execution requirements while improving your trading performance

MiFID II has dramatically increased the requirements for Best Execution. Firms now have to provide evidence they were acting in their clients’ best interests on all trades, requiring regular reporting and Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA). However, bringing together and storing the relevant data from multiple sources to achieve this can be both time consuming and onerous.

With SteelEye’s comprehensive and asset class agnostic Best Execution solution you can effortlessly meet your reporting requirements and carry out TCA to improve your trading performance. The solution builds on the SteelEye Core Package and includes RTS 27 and RTS 28 reporting, and post-trade TCA.

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Best Ex


Best Execution compliance that just works 

Automatically, Painlessly and Continuously


SteelEye's Best Execution package seamlessly brings together your trading data, complementing it with a range of independent market and reference data, before automatically building your quarterly RTS 27 or annual RTS28 reports.

Reports can be easily reviewed and amended in the dashboard before being exported in CSV format, ready for you to publish on your website or another site of your choosing. As a result, compliance with your best execution reporting requirements is effortless, automatic and hassle-free. 

How it works

  • We capture all of your relevant Best Execution reporting data and automatically build your RTS 27 and RTS 28 reports.
  • All data is enriched with external market and tick data as required.
  • Reports are easily reviewed, validated and exported in CSV format, ready for you to upload on your website or an alternative site.


Easily evaluate your trading activity and gain comprehensive insight into the relative performance of your post-trade executions.

SteelEye’s TCA seamlessly consolidates your data from a range of sources and automatically enriches it with external tick and reference data sourced from a range of international exchanges. With all data under one lens, our TCA analyses your trading activity against a range of reference points, offering standardised metrics for internal assessment and comparisons against numerous industry benchmarks. 


TCA has been an important function within financial services for years. However, as MiFID II was introduced it brought with it stricter best execution rules, extending the coverage to include new asset classes and increasing the reporting requirements.

This heightened the importance of TCA to demonstrate transparency and best execution, introducing new challenges around how to bring together the vast amounts of data required. 


  • Easily spot any outliers from your mandatory Order Execution Policy (OEP) using SteelEye's speedy back-testing and intelligent visualisation tools.

  • Set up automated tests and alerts any time an execution is made outside of your tolerance levels.

  • Quickly create cases to investigate and document any trades executed outside of your OEP to demonstrate ongoing best execution monitoring.

  • Use our intelligent decision support tools to generate commercially valuable information on the best time, place and instrument.



SteelEye was recognised as the Best Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) Solution for Best Execution in the 2019 RegTech Insight Awards


We are on the list
B&W 2-1-1
Awards 3

Effortlessly compile RTS 27 & 28 reports

With SteelEye, you can quickly consolidate all order, trade and communications data, making RTS27 & RTS28 reporting effortless.

Improve your trading performance

Our TCA helps you better understand your trading performance and identify possible strategies for improvement. 

Ensure execution quality

We keep checking your execution quality automatically in the background, ensuring you keep meeting your regulatory obligations.


  • Brokers compile their RTS27 and RTS28 reports effortlessly and cost-effectively.

  • Buy-side firms create customised alerts to identify early warning signals of breaches and to stay ahead of SM&CR.

  • Investment decision-makers compare and contrast their transaction costs across different asset-classes to drive enhanced performance.

  • Compliance officers investigate anomalies and outliers using SteelEye’s intuitive data dashboards.


SteelEye enables you to Comply Smarter™ by meeting your regulatory obligations through a single platform. But with SteelEye you can do more than just comply. By consolidating systems and data, you gain unparalleled insight into your performance whilst saving both time and cost. 

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