Connect OneZero to SteelEye

    to reduce complexity and cost of compliance 

    See it in action

    Store, monitor, and analyze your OneZero data in SteelEye for enhanced record keeping, surveillance and reporting

    OneZero provides financial institutions with trading technology for multi-asset class execution, connectivity, and data insights. Under regulatory rules, financial firms are required to store, monitor, and report on their trading and transaction data.  

     SteelEye has a direct connection with OneZero, enabling client data to flow seamlessly from OneZero into SteelEye for compliance with information archiving, supervisory oversight, regulatory reporting rules, and more.


    Benefits of feeding your OneZero data into SteelEye:

    Achieve smarter regulatory compliance   

    Capture and store your OneZero data in the SteelEye platform for effortless record keeping, transaction reporting, trade surveillance, best execution, and more. SteelEye enables you to effortlessly manage a range of regulatory obligations using a single platform.

    Save compliance cost and free up resource 

    We apply unparalleled automation to our solutions without compromising compliance quality. By automating workflows and accelerating compliance, SteelEye saves you money, time, and resource. 

    Turn compliance oversight into data insight  

    With SteelEye, you can leverage your OneZero data to easily create searches, build and schedule reports, and collaborate on cases for investigation. We also enable you to combine transaction data with communications – enabling you to turn oversight into insight. 

    Key features of SteelEye’s OneZero compliance:

    • Seamless data integration 
    • WORM-compliant data storage  
    • End-to-end data security  
    • Order replay functionality 
    • Auto-trade reconstruction and powerful case manager 
    • Integrated transaction reporting  
    • Holistic trades and communications surveillance  
    • intelligent search functionality 
    • Context-aware platform 

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