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    Integrate your Refinitiv Messenger data in SteelEye

    for compliance with record keeping and surveillance rules

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    Securely archive, monitor, and analyze your Refinitiv chat data with SteelEye

    Refinitiv Messenger, often referred to as Thomson Reuters Eikon, is Refinitiv’s messaging service that enables professionals to chat, share news, and look at live data, charts, and analytics. The collaboration tool, used by over 300 thousand people across 180 countries, is included in the Eikon platform but can also be subscribed to as a standalone service. If used by regulated financial services employees, any business-related communications that take place on Refinitiv Messenger need to be stored and surveilled for compliance with regulatory rules.

    SteelEye integrates with Refinitiv Messenger, enabling financial firms to archive, oversee, and analyze their Eikon Chat data securely and compliantly. 


    Benefits of Refinitiv Messenger compliance with SteelEye

    Capture your Refinitiv data for archiving and supervision 

    We facilitate seamless integration of Refinitiv Messenger data into the SteelEye archiving and surveillance platform, with optional WORM-compliant storage. This enables you to compliantly store your communications in line with archiving rules and oversee the data to meet surveillance requirements 

    Analyze and visualize your Refinitiv Messenger data 

    SteelEye provides powerful reporting and visualization tools that allow you to easily query your data, build reports for regulatory or MI purposes, and create cases for investigation. Additionally, SteelEye enables you to combine communications with transaction data for comprehensive insight and enhanced risk detection. 

    Streamline regulatory audits and eDiscovery

    By capturing Refinitiv Messenger data with SteelEye, eDiscovery becomes effortless – making it easy for you to produce any record for audits, investigations, or litigation purposes. Our data audit tracks every single interaction in the platform, from data ingestions and regulatory processes through to every log-in, change or search.

    Key features of SteelEye’s Refinitiv Messenger compliance platform:

    • Seamless data integration
    • WORM-compliant data storage 
    • Secure legal hold capabilities
    • Holistic capabilities enabling surveillance across both trades and communications
    • 360° view of who is doing what, where, and with whom - at all times
    • Full audit trail 
    • Infinitely scalable SOC2 compliant cloud storage

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