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    Store and monitor your Enfusion data in SteelEye for streamlined compliance

    Enfusion is an asset management SaaS platform that provides portfolio management, risk system, and middle and back-office services. The platform allows firms to see and interact with all parts of the investment management lifecycle, from portfolio construction, trading, risk management, accounting, and operations. Regulatory rules require financial firms to capture, store, and monitor their transaction and execution data and report suspicious trading activity to the regulator. 

    SteelEye is integrated with Enfusion, enabling data to flow seamlessly into SteelEye for effortless compliance with international regulatory rules. 


    Benefits of Enfusion compliance with SteelEye:

    Simplify your regulatory processes 

    With SteelEye, you can seamlessly archive and monitor your Enfusion data for effortless compliance with FINRA, SEC, MAR, and other rules. The platform locks your data in a tamper-proof vault for record keeping compliance and provides robust trade surveillance tools. 

    Streamline eDiscovery and regulatory audits 

    By storing your Enfusion data with SteelEye, eDiscovery becomes effortless. The platform allows you to query your data, build reports, and create cases for investigations, making it easy to respond to internal or regulatory requests.

    Gain holistic compliance oversight 

    SteelEye allows you to natively bring together communications with trade data for holistic oversight. Contextual data reduces false positives while increasing the information at your disposal to investigate real threats. This improves efficiency and allows compliance teams to focus on the risks that matter. 

    Key features of SteelEye’s Enfusion compliance:

    • Seamless data integration 
    • WORM-compliant data storage  
    • End-to-end data security  
    • Wide range of market abuse algorithms and surveillance tools  
    • Order replay functionality 
    • Auto-trade reconstruction and powerful case manager 
    • Integrated transaction reporting  
    • Holistic trades and communications surveillance  
    • Advanced search functionality 
    • Intuitive report builder for advanced analytics & data intelligence 
    • Context-aware platform  

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