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    Bloomberg FXGO is a multi-bank FX trading platform that provides deep liquidity access and functionality for firms to negotiate FX transactions with their bank relationships. It is included with a Bloomberg Terminal subscription. Under regulatory rules, financial firms are required to archive and monitor their trade and order activity and, in some legislations, report instances of suspected market abuse to the regulator.  

    SteelEye directly integrates with Bloomberg FXGO, enabling client data to flow seamlessly from the platform into SteelEye for effortless trade and order record keeping, supervision, transaction reporting, and more. 


    Benefits of Bloomberg FXGO trade compliance with SteelEye

    Effortlessly meet your record keeping obligations  

    Regulatory rules require financial firms to store data related to transactions in a search-ready and secure vault. SteelEye enables you to ingest and archive your Bloomberg FXGO data in a tamper-proof cloud store for effortless record keeping compliance 

    Oversee your FXGO data to meet surveillance rules  

    Regulated firms must monitor their transaction data to detect suspicious activity and market abuse. With SteelEye, you can set up robust and efficient surveillance alerts that flag trading patterns indicative of potential market abuse – such as front running, spoofing, or wash trading 

    Use your FXGO data for reporting, e-discovery, and audits 

    SteelEye supports MiFIR reporting obligations with robust automation and unparalleled accuracy rates. With SteelEye, you can easily query your data, create cases for investigation, and build reports. You can also combine your transaction data with communications for comprehensive insight. 

    Key features of SteelEye’s FXGO trade compliance:

    • SOC2-compliant data storage 
    • Native data preservation 
    • Legal hold capabilities  
    • Intelligent search functionality 
    • Advanced market abuse algorithms and surveillance tools  
    • Market replay capabilities 
    • Automated MiFIR reporting  
    • Smart case management tool with auto-trade reconstruction functionality 
    • Intuitive report builder for advanced analytics & data intelligence 
    • Holistic trades and communications capabilities  

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