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    with FCA FIRDS data directly in SteelEye

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    SteelEye automatically brings in up-to-date instrument reference data from FCA FIRDS for smarter compliance

    FCA FIRDS is the FCA’s instrument reference data system which records all instruments that have been traded on UK trading venues (ToTV) – as reported by the venues. The system, based on EU’s FIRDS, provides a standardized taxonomy for instruments and helps firms to, amongst other things, determine whether transactions executed in financial instruments in the UK are reportable to the FCA.

    SteelEye has a direct connection with FCA FIRDS. This enables clients to natively access this standardized taxonomy to run smart searches and more easily determine their MiFIR Reporting eligibility. In fact, SteelEye uses FCA FIRDS data to automatically inform clients of their MiFIR eligibility, allowing them to automate the transaction reporting process from start to finish. 


    Benefits of SteelEye:

    Improved Compliance & Operational Risk Management 

    All our solutions are based on the same underlying dataset, which is stored in an immutable, internationally compliant format for record keeping and e-discovery. The platform enables you to meet your regulatory requirements effortlessly and is agile enough to quickly adjust to changing needs and new rules. 

    Simplicity, Efficiency, and Economy 

    Legacy systems are expensive. Our comprehensive RegTech suite uses the same data set to manage multiple compliance obligations. We also apply unparalleled automation to our solutions without compromising compliance quality. By automating workflows and accelerating compliance, SteelEye saves you money, time, and resource. 

    Data Intelligence for Compliance and Beyond  

    Through our data-driven approach, all your data is unified on a single platform. Not only does this ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy, but it also delivers a golden source of information that offers benefits beyond compliance. With SteelEye, you are futureproofing yourself for a world where data intelligence is key to establishing an edge.

    Key features:

    • Seamless data integration 
    • Accurate and correct application of data 
    • Solutions built to evolve 
    • Holistic capabilities enabling surveillance and reporting across trades and communications  
    • Modular solutions for multiple compliance obligations  
    • Full audit trail for ultimate control of changes, deletes, comments, and more  
    • Context-aware, AI-powered platform 
    • Infinitely scalable SOC2 compliant cloud storage 

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