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    Empower your regulated employees to communicate on Zoom by archiving and monitoring the data with SteelEye

    Zoom is a video platform that offers a wide range of communications tools, including virtual meetings, chat, phone, webinars, and online events. The platform, which today has over 300 million users globally, saw its business customers increase by 470% between 2019 and 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world. Within financial services, regulated firms are required to archive and oversee business-related communications of regulated employees. These rules protect the financial markets’ stability by empowering firms and regulators to identify and mitigate compliance breaches such as unauthorized information sharing, accidental leakage of MNPI, or other market abuse risks.  

    SteelEye enables firms to store and monitor Zoom data effectively to ensure that all applicable information archiving and supervisory oversight rules are met. This allows them to empower teams to collaborate with colleagues and clients without limitations.


    Benefits of Zoom compliance with SteelEye

    Effortlessly capture and archive your firm’s Zoom data

    SteelEye lets you effortlessly archive and monitor your Zoom data for effortless compliance. We lock all data in a tamper-proof vault so you can effortlessly meet your record keeping obligations and provide you with robust communications surveillance tools. 

    Proactively supervise all Zoom communications

    With SteelEye, you can effectively monitor your Zoom data to detect compliance breaches. The platform allows you to set up alerts that automatically detect potential information leakage, intentional or unintentional MNPI breaches, insider trading, and other forms of market abuse. 

    Enhance your oversight with intelligent insight

    SteelEye lets you easily query your data, create cases for investigation, and export reports. Our context-aware technology reduces false positives – ensuring you only need to investigate actual risks. Plus, we enable you to combine communications with transaction data for comprehensive insight. 

    Key features of SteelEye’s Zoom compliance platform:

    • Automatic data integration with SOC2 compliant cloud storage 
    • Native data preservation with optional WORM compliant archiving  
    • Easy eDiscovery for audits, investigations, and litigation purposes  
    • Full audit trail for 360° view of who is doing what, where, and with whom  
    • Holistic capabilities enabling surveillance and reporting across both trades and communications natively  

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