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    Meet your Symphony compliance record keeping and surveillance obligations with SteelEye

    Symphony is an instant messaging service aimed at financial firms. It supports encryption, group messaging, rich content sharing, and third-party plug-ins. To meet regulatory requirements, financial firms need the ability to archive and monitor regulated employees’ Symphony chat communications. Without this visibility and control, regulatory compliance poses a business risk 

     With SteelEye, firms can effortlessly ingest, store, and oversee their Symphony chat data to meet international regulations.  


    Benefits of Symphony compliance with SteelEye

    Ensure your business communications are compliant  

    Integrating Symphony with SteelEye enables you to archive your data in line with record keeping rules and run it through SteelEye’s surveillance system for compliance with communications monitoring requirements. 

    Analyze and visualize your Symphony data 

    SteelEye provides powerful reporting and visualization tools that allow you to easily query your data, build reports for audit or MI purposes, and combine communications with transaction data for comprehensive insight. 

    Enhance your oversight to protect your business 

    With SteelEye, you can control, oversee, and analyze all your communications data in one place - with seamless workflows, automated case management, and straightforward investigations. 

    Key features of SteelEye’s Symphony compliance platform:

    • WORM-compliant data storage  
    • Secure legal hold capabilities 
    • Easy eDiscovery for audits, investigations, and litigation purposes  
    • Holistic capabilities enabling surveillance and reporting across both trades and comms natively  
    • 360° view of who is doing what, where, and with whom - at all times 
    • Context-aware platform for a comprehensive view of all communications data 
    • Infinitely scalable SOC2 compliant cloud storage 

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