SteelEye Charity Drive in India

Providing breakfast to over 140 underprivileged children and seniors

Across October and November, we carried out a number of charity drives in India to support vulnerable children and the elderly.

As one of the most populous countries in the world, malnutrition and education are pressing issues in India. There are over 200 million people without enough access to food and around 25% of children lacking access to education1.

To help where we can, and in conjunction with SteelEye’s second birthday, we decided to team up with three local Bangalore shelters.

  • Little Hearts
    Little Hearts supports vulnerable children and elderly people with food and shelter. This includes people who were orphaned at a young age, abandoned at an old ago or homeless. As a small NGO, Little Hearts are always struggling for donations. Through our charity drive, we were able to provide breakfast to over 60 people.

  • Nele Narendra
    Nele Narendra provides free education, shelter and food for orphaned, abandoned or underprivileged children under the age of 16. Similar to Little Hearts, Nele Narendra lack funds. By providing our support we were able to feed over 60 people.

  • Nirantara Foundation 
    This NGO supports orphans under the age of 10 with shelter and food but have an acute shortage of funds. Through our charity drive we were able to feed 20 children.

We selected these NGOs because of their acute lack of funding, food, stationery and basic supplies. Sponsoring a meal goes a long way and is something we will continue to do.

We figured that if we could help these NGOs in just a small way – by providing breakfast – we could help unburden them if even just for a short while.
Arjun Shivraj, Head of Operations, SteelEye India.

At SteelEye, we have always been passionate about giving back to our community and helping those less fortunate than us. In addition to our local support in India, we have been longstanding supporters of A Leg To Stand On (ALTSO), a non-profit organisation that provides life-changing orthopaedic care to children with untreated limb disabilities in the developing world. 

1 Poverty in India: Facts and figures on the daily struggle for survival

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