SteelEye named one of the 20 most influential FinTech firms in 2018

SteelEye has been named in the top 20 of the 100 most Influential Fintech companies in 2018 by Harrington Starr. Over 2000 companies from around the world were considered. SteelEye was selected by a panel of independent judges.

When asked about the nomination, SteelEye responded: At SteelEye, we built an affordable, innovative answer to an unmet need. A year ago, we assembled a team of diverse, talented people to focus on a particular problem and challenged ourselves to develop a distinct solution that was urgently required in our target market. Our technology helps financial firms - large and small, across the sell-side, buy-side, asset management sector and more - to meet several onerous obligations arising from new and old regulations, all in one innovative product. SteelEye is scalable and helps to simplify compliance with the second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Dodd-Frank and many more – compliance with such regulations can be challenging, resource intensive and expensive.

Our motto is “don’t just comply, compete”, because we provide a bonus beyond merely helping firms to achieve regulatory compliance. SteelEye’s solution permits firms to bring together information from disparate systems and to leverage this stored data, previously impossible to view on a consolidated basis; users can thus gain valuable insight into their whole business activity, drive operational efficiencies and gain a competitive edge. 

Our opportunity arose from the sweeping changes in the European regulatory landscape, which in turn is part of an ongoing global initiative to achieve fairer and more efficient markets. SteelEye’s team has a wealth of experience in data analytics and we were attracted by the challenge of reducing cost and complexity for the firms affected.

Our initial focus was on MiFID II and its start date of January 3, 2018. To have this compelling event concentrating minds in our target industry of financial services, where our team had a deep reservoir of experience, expertise and contacts, was a significant tail-wind. Our challenge was to build a product that would delight our audience and to deliver it on time...

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