SteelEye recognized as the Best Integrated Surveillance Solution

Wins fourth consecutive award in European Services Awards by With Intelligence

Last night, SteelEye took home the award for Best Integrated Surveillance Solution at the HFM European Services Awards by With Intelligence. The recognition is a testament to the power of the SteelEye platform, which remains the only fully integrated surveillance solution on the market.

Every year, With Intelligence recognizes and rewards hedge fund service providers who demonstrate exceptional client service, innovative product development, and strong and sustainable business growth in their European services awards. SteelEye’s 2023 win marks the fourth year in a row that SteelEye has been recognized in this awards series.

The Best Integrated Surveillance Solution award celebrates providers with simplified compliance for their clients. SteelEye empowers financial firms with the data-driven tools and complete insights they need to focus on what matters, all from a single platform. 

SteelEye’s modern data architecture makes it easy to combine data from any channel into a single, compliant, and secure repository, and data can be hosted in the jurisdiction of clients' choice. Today, SteelEye is the only solution that can natively bring together trades, orders, communications, global, global news, and market data on a single platform.

This means that surveillance teams no longer need to look in multiple places to assess risk. Instead, they get a single source of meaningful data with complete oversight, a consistent process across global teams, and speedy investigations. This enables firms to boost productivity, lower the total cost of ownership, and gain a competitive edge through data intelligence. 

"SteelEye is the only fully integrated surveillance provider – no other platform brings together the same breath of data or holistic compliance tools,” said Matt Smith, CEO of SteelEye. “This is the first year With Intelligence hands out an integrated surveillance award, and I could not be prouder that SteelEye has taken home the win.”

SteelEye strives to provide the best possible experience to its clients. This includes having the foresight to incorporate the latest and most innovative technology. In early 2023, SteelEye integrated ChatGPT into its holistic compliance platform. The results show that ChatGPT can be highly beneficial for surveillance investigations. This is just one example of SteelEye’s commitment to providing the best possible solution through continuous platform enhancements.

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About SteelEye

Turn Supervision into Super Vision. SteelEye is the first and only fully integrated trade and communications surveillance solution. We empower financial firms with the data-driven tools and complete insights they need to focus on what matters, all from a single platform.

State-of-the-art algorithms and intelligent alerts proactively detect market manipulation and compliance breaches, while our holistic data model – which combines communications, trades, orders, news, and market data – provides intelligent insights and deep analytics. Founded in 2017, SteelEye has offices in the UK, North America, Portugal, and India.


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