SteelEye wins Best Risk Management Technology award at HFM US Awards

The recognition comes less than a year after SteelEye expanded into North America and reinforces SteelEye's position as a market-leading global technology provider that enables financial firms to reduce their regulatory risk.

With Intelligence’s HFM US Services Awards recognize and celebrate US hedge fund service providers who have demonstrated exceptional client service, innovative product development, and strong and sustainable business growth over the past 12 months.

The market in the US has witnessed added enforcement around trade, and more prominently, communications surveillance over the past year, ultimately driving firms to look for efficient and effective oversight tools. 

Effective surveillance requires a holistic approach and SteelEye is the only truly holistic surveillance solution in the market that enables firms to integrate trading data alongside communications, market data, news, and more.

SteelEye’s holistic approach has delivered heightened risk mitigation to hedge funds, enabling them to better detect, investigate, report, and prevent market abuse risks.

Since SteelEye opened its office in New York in October 2021, it has celebrated several successes. This includes being recognized by multiple North American awards and most recently the completion of a $21M Series B funding round led by Ten Coves Capital.

Brian Lynch - SteelEye wins Best Risk Management Technology award at HFM US Awards

Commenting on the recognition by With Intelligence, Brian Lynch, President of SteelEye Americas, said:

“SteelEye is changing how firms comply with regulations by reducing the cost and complexity of compliance while also improving data accuracy and intelligence. Our team has worked tirelessly to strengthen the platform and accelerate our growth to meet the increased demand for effective surveillance in North America. We are delighted to be recognized as a leading vendor in the region less than a year after we opened our office."

About SteelEye

SteelEye wins Best Risk Management Technology award at HFM US AwardsSteelEye’s comprehensive RegTech suite covers trade surveillance, communications surveillance, best execution and transaction cost analysis, information archiving, eDiscovery, trade reconstruction, and analytics.

SteelEye seamlessly captures structured and unstructured data across any asset class, communication type, and system and offers a range of intelligent surveillance tools that enable firms to proactively monitor, prevent and mitigate compliance risks. All data is automatically cleansed, indexed, and instantly retrievable in SteelEye, enabling firms to run searches, conduct investigations, and export data for internal or external reporting purposes.

The platform analyzes client data, ensuring risks get identified and stopped quickly. SteelEye even integrates with global news to provide the necessary context needed to detect signs of insider trading.


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