SteelEye Wins Technology Innovation Award by With Intelligence

SteelEye has received an award for Technology Innovation in With Intelligence's Fund Intelligence Operations & Services Awards.

Not only is SteelEye unique in being the only integrated surveillance platform in the market, but it is also enabling its users to digest, decipher, and process compliance data with speed and ease that has never been previously possible.

Bringing together the data needed for compliance is a significant challenge for many firms. To address this, SteelEye consolidates structured and unstructured data that does not normally fit together and turns it into usable, value-adding information. This enables firms to easily bring their data together and manage an ever-growing range of regulatory obligations – all under a single lens.

SteelEye captures firms’ data across any asset class, communication type, and system – unifying it on a consolidated platform where it is cleansed, indexed, and instantly retrievable.

Over the last 12 months, SteelEye has continued to enhance its platform with cutting-edge technology that allows its clients to reduce compliance risk.

Continued innovation can be seen in its new solutions, such as its order book replay feature, which allows clients to dive deeper into their trading activity and enhance their oversight, and better identify market abuse activity like spoofing.

Innovation is also evident in enhancements to existing solutions. For example, SteelEye enhanced its transcription capabilities in the past year – allowing clients to better analyze voice data. Ultimately this enables firms to more proactively sift through vast volumes of data, reduce false positives through more accurate transcriptions, and better identify intentional or unintentional leakage of material non-public information (MNPI) and market abuse.

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About SteelEye: 

SteelEye’s Integrated Surveillance software enables financial firms to master risk detection and alert resolution. With SteelEye, compliance and surveillance teams get full assurance and peace of mind that key risks are identified and actioned efficiently.

State-of-the-art algorithms and intelligent alerts proactively detect market manipulation and compliance breaches. The holistic data platform – which combines communications, trades, orders, news, and market data – provides intelligent insights and deep analytics. Founded in 2017, SteelEye has offices in the UK, US, Portugal, and India. For further information, visit


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